Ps4-Anyone else notice influx of new players?

Not just trial players but folks that have bought the game and have been appearing regularly.

Cool beans.

Welcome to the fight for the last star.

P.s. Don’t run triple legendary load-outs. Your hurting yourself and your team.


I’m sure the influx of average skilled players premades that like to farm newcomer kills will push them away soon enough. That has always been the case in this game.

I’ve not only noticed an influx of new players, but also that a good portion of them have lasted long enough to achieve rank and competence in which they can generally hold their own.

Obviously those 5-mans still exist, but as someone who primarily solo-queues, I would say they aren’t nearly as prevalent as they once were.

It would almost seem as though many of them have been targeted and chased away…

Or they just left. Who knows.


Someone notices lul


I’ve noticed as well. Thank you, Meme Squad (or whatever the hell you guys call yourselves, haha) for putting PC’s garbage back in their own cans, and otherwise punishing those that farm new players.


Battleborn is available for PSN users who have PS NOW. So they can get it free when subscribed.




Bring back the fight!!!

Bring back the glory!!!

And most important, bring back the content updates!!!

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@ckx00000 Maybe they will bring back updates this summer. Or around September again. They haven’t added hot fixes for the past two months. The PS4 game had bugs during Battleborn day. That kind of ruined half the fun. I was lucky enough to get some new legendary gear that I hadn’t obtain yet.

There were a few groups who did that. And it rhymes Cam, how could you forget.

Did what?

Sniped and actively punished farmers and griefers?