[Ps4] Application Shutdown every time

I really have a serious issue wich make my Borderlands application shutdown on a blue screen.
I didn’t do anything really special, just making my second attempt on the story mode and when im on Skag gully (or anywhere else, but right now its here) my application froze for 1 second and send me back to the ps4 menu.
I was wondering that this was maybe nothing but it make me this bug like more than 10 times in a row.
It make the same bug on Dr Ned DLC and Moxxi arena too.
So please just fix this if this is a serious issue for many people because it ruins my gameplay and hurts our memory of this awesome game.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Please submit a support ticket here:

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I have done it, yeah still hoping I will have some feedback and support about that, and i think that this bug is known by à lot of us (PS4 player)

What is the error code for that?

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It say that an error as occured in your application

This time it was again at Skag gully during my second run on story mode (solo) when I was doing my side mission where you must collect like 8 herbs among all the skag .

Seem like my problem is solve…
Just had to re-initialize my ps4 but loose all my game.
Dont forget to save your data and saving file on the cloud.
I just run Borderlands after that and make my mission without a crash. Hope it still goin on.

Edit: Damn… still crash

Try turn off internet connection in the settings.

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Already did, and not working.

Are the points where you get the freeze about where you’d see an Angel ‘vision’ in the story progress? And what options are you using from the game menus?

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No it’s not when the Angel talk to you, it’s just on Skag gully actually anywhere on the map, just have to play like 5 or 15 min then crash.
For the options, im on Ps4 so i’m limited, but I have all New updates HUD for the GOTY. I play offline, and I have just ajustthe visibility on screen wide to 100. Dont know if I annswered right…

OK. At a bit of a loss then. I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for the support desk to get back to you. Unfortunately, they’re pretty busy at the moment so I’m not sure when you might get a human response.

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Yes thank you for your support too !