PS4 B2 - Need People to play with!

Hi, I’m a borderlands veteran but I always played on PC and even on Xbox. Well I eventually got it on PS4 and have no one to play with.

I’m a level 7 siren currently. I’m looking for friendly adult players. I am a 23 year old male.

I will be off work at 9:30 pm Central Time.
Send me friend requests!!!

what’s your psn? :grinning:

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Ya man I’d be happy to play with you want me to use my lvl 50 or my lvl 6?

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Can I join

I’d be happy to join up as well, I played on PC and Xbox 360 back when, just got on PS4 as well

PSN: Ileni_Man - Starts with i as in indigo, L as in larry,

I play later (10 CST myself) once my kids are in bed. I have a 20ish Siren at the moment just focusing on getting to the second playthrough.