[PS4] Battleborn Friends

Hey, guys. Due to some health issues I have WAY too much free time these days and WAY too few friends to waste time with on Battleborn. Casual or Competitive, PvE or PvP, Boxers or Briefs; it doesn’t matter as long as you can handle victory or defeat gracefully(and maybe put up with a pun or three) feel free to add “SirFreed23” on PSN bonus points if you throw in a joke on the friend request.

I’m 23, on Pacific Time, and play on and off throughout the day when I have the energy. In the past, I’ve done tournaments for various games(such as LoL and MTG), spent embarrassing amounts of time scouring over DPS spreadsheets, and more. These days, I’m mostly looking to joke around and have a good time whatever that may be. See ya on the battlefield!


I’m Slif_One

You should add me, I’m forgetful and will forget. I have a community of 16 or so, most of whom I played the open beta with, some from here or YouTube. Add me and join the group, we is good peoples!

Add me I am on the Eastern Coast, but I work from home and get to make my own hours so am on regularly just my hours will vary.

PSN: Collinizer

Alright I added you I’m hoping to play for an hour or two once it is released for PST (probably campaign for the character unlocks).

SN: DM-4-Life

Join me and we shall send are enemies to Valhalla!

Save Valhalla for us they can have Niflheim.

Spidy82498 I play every chance I get

I’m also on Pacific time! I usually play during the night or in the morning. Feel free to add me!

PSN ID: delcynn

I am EST, but I work from home so my hours are all over the place. My tag is SirIsaacNewbton.

Great, I’ll add the both of you!

I am CMT and usually get on around ~ 10 pm my time. It also depends on the day then I’m on way earlier!

My tag is: SebassTheHotShot

Alright, sounds good! I’ll add you in the morning.

PSN Tr1pleG_tv

Just got Battleborn a few days ago and really enjoying it but running missions solo (though good for learning characters), is rather lonely & frustrating at times. I can’t play all the time & do run Destiny some as well as play BB with some family, but please feel free to add me. Love some more people to run around with.

PSN: DJBear25

Sounds good. I’ll add you next time I’m playing. Feel free to toss me an invite any time.

I mostly play weekends and nights pst feel free to add psn Lleed

Heya bud!

Monkeybotlove is my ps4t name, and I spend most of my time doing solo private runs because I am weirdly shy about grouping. Just got my ACL rebuilt, so Im on my butt for a while

add me or vice versa, I’m doped up pretty good but I’ll talk on the mic if I can :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I spend a lot of time in solo as well farming for legendaries and being disappointed by their apparent reluctance to drop. I’ll add you in a few hours when I’m around the ps4.

Sweet, I’ll add you.

I’m looking to play casually and competitively, eventually in tournaments and whatnot. I’m on Central time, and play almost every evening. I mostly stick to Caldarius and Orendi, since they’re my masters. :slight_smile:

Anyone who’s interested in playing should go ahead and add me!

PSN: AlmightyAcorn

Good choices. Cal and Orendi are super fun. I love the mobility!