PS4 Battleborn League Reboot Announcement and Sign Ups

Howdy all, Mightyergo here, putting down my flag and announcing the new revamped PS4 Battleborn league. The previous organiser left those helping out of the loop as he decided he could no longer be bothered and left the league to rot. With that said with me at the helm, I assure smoother transisitions as the league heard itself up to start, and a promise of transparency. As you will no doubt see in a moment when you read through the rules, regulations and the fluff, the league is now an open sign up for teams, so people may play with their friends. This will twofold ensure people will want to play with one another,(I know before some people had to deal with personality clashes) and make the organisation of teams much tighter in regards to communicating and organising match times. One thing I want to emphasise for this league is to be inclusive. If people want to join for fun, go ahead! If you’re in it to win, go for it! The rookie team mini league and wild card match for the end of season I hope will give newer teams the chance to compete, giving them an incentive to play, as well as adding an interesting twist to the league that I’m sure will create many fascinating storylines.

Please let me know if there are issues with the Google docs link to the sign up sheets!

I want sign ups to have a 2 week period for people to get their team together! That being said the deadline for entry is the 27th of March. Please find the sign up sheets below. If you have any questions, please do let me know.

Battleborn PS4 League 2018 rules and regulations!
The PS4 Battleborn league is an open callout to those who want to show to the rest of solus that they are the best of the best, the biggest and brightest the battleborn have to offer in the most testing and challenging test face! The league aims to not only be a showcase of the wonderful and talented members of the ps4 battleborn community, displaying their talent and skills, but a chance for more casual players to have the taste of competitive battleborn, learn from the best, and enjoy and become more active members of this community!

Each team should apply with a roster of 6 players, 5 starters, one sub, and a player to be designated as captain. (Please use your PSN usernames on the sign up sheet) Alongside this, we’d love to have a team name, so everyone knows who you are as you pound your opponents into the dirt. (You’re more than welcome to enter as a team of 5, but it’s advised you have a sub in the instances one of your first team players cannot do a match)

The league will be a round robin as teams battle it out to come out champions. At the end of which, the top 3 teams of the regular season and the winner of the wild card match will battle it out in the play offs, a single elimination head to head mini tournament to find out who comes out as the last team standing.

The highest scoring rookie team from the regular season will be crowned PS4 Battleborn Rookie champions, and will play the 4th place team of the regular season for the final place in the play offs. (If a rookie team makes it into the top 3, then 4th place automatically qualifies. If the top rookie team places 4th, they automatically qualify)

Tournament organisers will consider and inform what teams are eligible for being rookies, and contact said teams if they wish to be considered a rookie team.

Each team will be given a seed before the league starts, signifying the strength of the team in relation to the field. This will allow better balance, as the lower a team’s seeding, the more likely they will be able to choose ordering for the first match. (If the number 1 seeded team played the number 4 seeded team, the number 4 seeded team would choose whether they got map pick or first pick in draft for the first match)

Each match will be a best of 3 captain’s draft, consisting of 2 games of incursion and one game of meltdown.

For the first match, the lower seeded team may select either to have map selection or first pick in the draft. For games 2 and 3 the loser of the previous game may select if they want map pick or first pick in draft.

Teams will receive 1 Point for each game won, and an additional 1 point for a match win (Making 4 points the maximum amount of points a team may win in any given match)

Once a map has been selected, that map cannot be selected for another game that match.

The grand finals of the PS4 battleborn league will be a best of 5, with 3 incursion games and 2 meltdown games. (Instead of picking echelon, the choosing team may pick overgrowth or monuments)

Before a match begins, captains may discuss with the opposing captain honour banning one character if they so wish. (This is not mandatory) However both teams must agree to said ban and a tournament organiser must be made aware of said agreement. No honour ban agreements may take place once the match has started.

Fat bots ARE allowed for meltdown (the honour ban teams have may be used on fat bots instead if they so wish)

Each team is allowed a 5 minute break in between games.

Each team should play at least one game a week ideally, although matches can be reorganised to fit flexibly around the team and their schedules.

Match times should be discussed between captains of teams before their match, notifying an event organiser once you know and have finalised a date.

Although not mandatory, it is encouraged each team has its players have matching titles, both for team spirit, but also to make it visually more clear for spectators and commentators who is on what team.

If there is a disconnect within the first 3 minutes of a game, the team captain of the affected team may call for a restart of the match.

No deliberate Exploits or Glitches that directly intervene in the integrity of the game (for instance, unintended map exploits, clothesline glitch etc.) Unintended use of such a glitch or exploit will result in an official warning. Repeated use or use deemed deliberate will result in a game loss.

No Wrenches or buildable cost reduction gear in character loadouts for meltdown. Players found running wrenches or buildable reduction gear will receive an official warning and result in a game loss for their team.

No Legendary gear in character loadouts except The Shard of Solus. Players found running legendary gear will receive an official warning and result in a game loss for their team.

Oscar Mike’s Level 10 helix Holy Crap, Space Lasers! Is banned. Players found selecting the helix will receive an official warning and result in a game loss for their team.

Orendi’s Level 6 helix Nihilism is banned. Players found selecting the helix will receive an official warning and result in a game loss for their team.

No abuse, harassing or threatening other players or teams. Friendly banter and trash talk is a healthy part of the competitive landscape, but players or teams engaging in toxic and antagonistic behaviour will be disciplined accordingly on a case by case basis

Team captains must submit their selected players before each match.

Captains are allowed to sub a player in-between games from their team roster. If a captain has an issue fielding a complete or eligible team, inform a tournament organiser so we may find either an adequate replacement for the match, or reorganise the match.

If a player receives two warnings, they will be suspended for one match. Repeated offences after this WILL result in expulsion.


I’m going to check in w/ some friends. That being said though, I could advise making a standardised time where all sessions would have to start since Captains are generally incapable of mobilising their own team and schedule w/ other captains.

I doubt this’ll get many teams to be blunt. I think most have gotten tired of leagues being attempted, only to fall through.

I hope I’m wrong though. 3rd time’s the charm, right?


Exactly my point. I’d rather try and get the thing up or go down with the ship. (The law of three after all)

I agree with having standardised times , if nothing else it whips captains into shape by having set times.

At this point we can only sit back and hope.

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I can only sub, but I’m signing up! My only qualm is that, due to there only being one sub per team, i will let down my team by not being able to sub on the weekends, when most teams tend to face off. I work 12-hour weekends…

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That’s great to see there is still some interest (I hope? Why can’t PS4 have nice things? XD) As the tourney guidelines say, if those instances occur, then we can reorganize or find another means of resolving the issue. The key thing is to be open to being accommodating to those sort of issues, because obviosuly everyone has a life.

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I’m always up for league. Solo player if someone wants to pick me up. I don’t mind just being a sub & spectating matches either.

3 incursion games might be a bit too much. thats a lot of committed time and exhaustion/stress.
in the pc league we only had 1 inc match, 1 md match, and one capture match (capture was voted to be played, faceoff did not make popular vote) per team matchup. there was also seperate leads for winners of each game type, as well as overall.
tens can be taken up after the matches for anyone wanted to continue playing afterwards, but i don’t see any reason to play 3 inc matches personally.
i like the teams agree on honor banning part. Cant the banned helixes be allowed and just honor ban the character? I still to this day sometimes mispick helixes (for better or worse), and just having the teams ban the charcter overall would prevent that.
But if you get a good turnout, how about a vote? can vote to honour ban chracters/helixes.


The best of 5 is only in regards to the finals of the league. It’s the final after all! The rest of the games are 3 games, 2 Incursion, 1 Meltdown. This was the original format and has been adopted of sorts as the de facto structure for 10s on ps4, although Meltdown has seen a drop as of late. The honour ban is a diplomatic manner of addressing the issue of honour bans by giving teams agency in opting in or out of banning a character. However certain helixes I believe create NPE (Space lasers and nihilism) It is not fun as spectator or player to watch OM space laser your sentry with a minute or so less, and even less fun to casually take 800 damage instantly without even a second to call out or prepare. Getting rid of those helixes, which I believe are the worst offenders, creates more balanced and healthy game states. We must take into consideration honour bans only work with consent from both captains. I am happy for players to vote on the issue if I raise this league from the dead somehow, I want proactive and productive conversations and feedback after all to make the environment as healthy for all as possible. Again, the league is aiming for inclusivity. The one issue is I know that a number of players on ps4 (I know ash in particular) have very strong feelings towards nihilism, and as a support player, I don’t blame him, love getting insta melted…
But again, this is a conversation to have at another juncture if other players share a similar sentiment.


Whilst I am interested in signing up for this league, my scepticism still remains high since the last two attempts to get one up and running fell apart rather quickly. I’m not going to commit to anything just yet but I’ll linger around, and if things look like they might turn out, then you can count me in. At least I hope so anyway. All I can really say at this point in time however is best of luck to you.

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I fully support a new league for PS4. Although I won’t be actively participating, I look forward to watching the higher level competition that this brings, and a excited to see those that I’ve played with and against put their skills to the test.

The rules you’ve posted I also agree give a sense of openness and inclusion, which I’m sure will be welcoming for players of all skill levels who might be interested.

Just one thing I would bring up though is that from how I’m reading it, honor bans could be used in a strategic manner against teams, in that it seems like it could be used to draft a little before the draft starts. It could add another layer to the competition, but it also might be lacking some structure, making it potentially a hindrance. Just my two cents.

I hope to get to see many great matches!

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Am interested but got no team preference for the most part so if anybody needs an extra message me here or use my gt anima.of.all

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3rd times the charm baby

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Cam and I will be submitting ourselves and “Watergirl and Penguin Dude: 3D”.

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Yes! Woo-woo!

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Are free trial players allowed to enter the tournament?

To the best of my knowledge free trial players can’t do private matchrs. So it’s no that they aren’t allowed, it’s that they literally cannot play.


not unless the tournament was held in big head mode…

Last time I checked there was no spectators in big head rumble. Not feasible then :wink:

Now added a list for solo players/Free Agents to put their name down for participation (final link in the original post)


that just means one of the players needs to record the match :stuck_out_tongue: its ps4 so it can be streamed/recorded/uploaded by any of the players:p