PS4 Battleborn Slack Community

I’ve been using Slack in my Destiny clan for a while now, and I figure there must be more Battleborn players who are already users or would find it useful. If you’re not familiar with Slack, here’s why it’s amazing for gaming groups:

  • Excellent interface for general chat, with the option to create multiple channels
  • Ability to DM any team member
  • Send push notifications to specific players or flag the entire group (useful when assembling a team on the fly)
  • The web interface and the app are both super slick and user friendly
  • A veritable butt-ton of emoji, and the ability to add custom emoji

So if you’d like to chat about the game with other adults (sorry youngins, we’re 18+) and gain access to a bunch of cool folks to play with (well, just a handful currently but you can help make it a bunch!), just fill out this form to receive an invite. Invitations must be manually sent out, so it might be a few hours before I can respond. (side note: At the moment, most of our members tend to play evenings and weekends in North American time zones. However feel free to join no matter where you are. Just know to expect the greatest activity at those times)
This Slack team was originally set up for our group on, which you are also welcome to join. Slack and the100 work nicely together, as the100 is great for planning sessions in advance while Slack excels at in-the-moment communication. No obligation though if you’d like to just be a part of the Slack community.
Hope to see y’all around. Cheers!