[PS4] Battleborn Update Notes: May 3rd, 2016

An update for Battleborn is now live on all platforms. This update contains various balance changes and bug fixes. The full notes can be found below:

Battleborn Update Notes

As always, for support with Battleborn or SHiFT, please visit http://support.gearboxsoftware.com


Rejoice or Despair, for Galilea was untouched!

Hmmm no changes for Marquis sniping Sentry in Incursion? Could have sworn a 2k guy at PAX said that adjustment was in the latest build :unamused:

These are beautiful. A little surprised Galilea didn’t get a nerf, but everything I really wanted to be addressed was.

Im having a problem with my ps4 version of battleborn everytime i load up the fame a get a message saying failed to complete patching process. I have deleted and reinstalled the game but nothing is working, anyone have any solutions?

That was fixed during the beta. Have you run into new instances of it?

I would recommend contacting our support team on this one. They’ll have more insight I bet.

Regarding the Marquis issue:
I think that they’re referring to the fact that Marquis can still see and shoot the shield that sticks up above the ledge.

Not the shield penetration issue where you could just do direct health damage.


If this is case, then ok. The shield pen exploit was fixed during the beta. Marquis is a long range character, so if your play style involves hanging back and sniping the shield, that’s not an issue. You’re not going to get as much mileage out of his damage potential, but that’s ok.

EDIT: I’ve just been informed that this is indeed a cheese that the team is looking into. As I feared, I misunderstood here, so my apologies!