[PS4] Beatrix unlocked bug + Orendi shadowfire bug

despite having already unlocked Beatrix This currently makes it unusable at the character selection screen in all versus mode.
I requested and obtained refund so that it can be reused but it appears that the problem persists.

I have noticed that using Orendi in the dojo, activation skill with R1 subsequently L2 and R2 are unusable. This, fortunately, does not happen in matches versus.

Bugs are known to you?

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youre not the only one, im having the same issue and i havendt completin all her lore challenges yet, hope they can fix this quickly

ok , seems they have fixed the bug! Grat GearBox :slight_smile:

I was just going to post the same thing, because this Orendi glitch has just happened to me and it won’t go away :slight_frown:.