[PS4] Benedict Flight please Nerf!

I’m really not sure if its just a beta thing right now but Benedict can fly above the map on meltdown which makes him impossible to hit if you use melee heroes, to prevent this maybe you could add a out of bounds area above the wall s or make them higher or something of the sort.

are you insane? benedict is already a glass cannon.

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The special thing of Benedict is that he can fly. Thats what makes him realy good against melee Battleborn. The Air in Multiplayers is filled with invisible walls which gets him stuck in the air sometimes.

I agree that a melee can’t hit him but hey, it’s one bird with a slow rocket launcher up there and you can kill him really easily mid-air with range chars.

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Soooo basically you want to remove the character…

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No, i dont want to be him removed i just think its unfair how he can sit above the map and constantly destroy every structure/turret you have

Characters have counters, it’s just the way it is. If I can play as Shayne and Aurox and just boomerang him down then just get someone on your team to shoot him, if you want to play as a melee character you’re going to have to accept the fact Benedict will be a problem for you.

yeah he’s a giant frickin target for anyone with a gun.

Benedict flight shouldn’t be nerfed if marquis or Montana catches you in the air it’s over