Ps4 beta is happening.... Right?

Soooooo Randy… The ps4 beta, when’s that happening? I’m in it right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope both of those things become true. :slight_smile: The beta, and you in it.


YES! totally… so who’s got the authority to make this thing happen, the creative director or something? :smirk: :thumbsup:

Now HERE’S a discussion I can get behind. Beta Testing. I’m so down. Where do I gotta go, who’s back do I scratch etc etc… :smile: So ready for this game.

i hope to be included in this!!! cant wait to get my jetpack blazing :wink:

Ok @Jythri I know I tag u in everything and it’s annoying, but seriously, the wait for this game is killing me… Beta time PLEEASE. We can help be a part of the balancing process. I just want to play battleborn so bad lol

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I read something about the E3 Demo being at SDCC not sure if you can make it. I’m hoping Battleborn will be at Gamescom so i can get my early access and hopefully a chat with the team. Not sure if they will be there, but with The Pre-Sequel i did get to meet some GBX team members.

What do I need to do to get a beta code for my PS4?? Where do I need to pre order to get this code and play before my friends do? :smile:

Not that I can conform or deny anything about beta…

But if I have any say in the matter, I want to get ALL of this forum community into beta as soon as possible. As long as you guys PROMISE me that you’ll:

a) Be cool.
b) Realize it’s early, and we can still make the game better.
c) Give us good constructive feedback, and chat responsibly here on the forums.
d) Swear an unbreakable oath of allegiance to Gearbox.

Okay, maybe we’ll waive one of those requirements. :slight_smile:

I mean, after all…“be cool” is a big ask!


Go to things like E3, SDCC, PAX, Gamescom. There is a playable build (1 mission , 10 characters).

[quote=“Jythri, post:9, topic:381794”]
But if I have any say in the matter, I want to get ALL of this forum community into beta as soon as possible. [/quote]



(Please tell me there’s a Ice based BattleBorn who makes terrible puns)

Well, duh. It’s a beta.

[quote=“Jythri, post:9, topic:381794”]
c) Give us good constructive feedback, and chat responsibly here on the forums.[/quote]

Personally I think we’ve got a pretty good community here, good discussion would likely be had.

I also think if you do a beta, there should be a survey/feedback form INSIDE the beta. So you can get people’s feedback straight from their experience rather than a while later annd influenced by what other people are saying,

[quote=“Jythri, post:9, topic:381794”]
d) Swear an unbreakable oath of allegiance to Gearbox.[/quote]

I’ll defend Colonial Marines until the day I die :dukejk:


A downloadable beta is infinetly cheaper and easier to get to than those things.

Hopefully if they do a beta it includes multiplayer AND campaign, even if it is the same segment we’ve seen dozens of times since e3.

yup, but if you really REALY REALLY want to play you can do that at one of the conventions. At the moment there is no Beta so you have to go for the other options.

  • Become a play tester at GBX
  • Visit public gaming events
  • Win the Battleborn vacation contest
  • Have an awesome game website so 2K invites you to play their games
  • (day) dreaming

And yes is it was up to me there will be a beta (if i can’t pick the option that it’s already finished and for sale). The release window of Battleborn is winter. That’s a safe option to say it might be coming jan/feb 2016. Or else they would have said 2015. It takes 3 month to ship the game ? 1 month is certification by sony & microsoft. 1 month printing the disk. 1 month shipment. During certification no big updates are allowed. So if they did a Beta in nov/dec they can show an almost finished product. Most people see beta’s as demos so you want to give a good impression.

I swear allegiance to Gearbox Software, to be cool in the heat of battle. To provide constructive feedback yet still understand that the game’s final product will be even more epic once it is released! :slight_smile:

I’d be so up for a Beta (Well, as long as it’s also PC Beta)
Though, i wonder how we will get in… Pre-order only? Beta Key giveaway? Turning all stars dark?

Sadly, some peoples have a hard time understanding what a Beta is and rage all over the place.

Hey, they asked for constructive feedback.

Too soon?

I would love to be a part of this

A) already done
B) Being a part of the process is an honor, not a chance to blast you guys, seriously I’ve never played a gbx game but your response to the community is already blowing another major space-game developer’s weekly suckdates away.
C) I’m all about some constructive forum feedback. Constructive helps make it better!
D) Lovin some gearbox, but I do have some convictions ya know…

Ready for those beta codes!!!

If you release a beta for the PC, I’m so there.

a) I can do that.
b) Of course.
c) Constructive feedback is what I’m all about. I’ve released mods for TES games, so I know how important feedback is.
d) I have just about everything Borderlands except for 2 TPS DLCs. Does that count? :dukecheese:

Do you mean only the Battleborn forum, or all the Gearbox Forum (BL, TPS and such included) ?
Because some of us do read (and follow on Twitter for example) but don’t post much if at all :blush: !

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How about instant access for all those who have purchased the Handsome Collection on consoles? Ot whatever, I just really want to try this game.