Ps4 beta is happening.... Right?

Just joined these forums. I own all the Borderlands games on PC but I am strongly considering Battleborn on the PS4. I’m becoming a console gamer in my old age. I would certainly be interested in participating with a beta test on the PS4.

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I would gladly participate if I got the chance to =) I am also fine with those requirements :wink:

Steve Gibson also covers a little bit of the upcoming BETA.
SPOILER: Get a SHIFT account :wink:

Soooo… how do you download the beta?

I would love to participate! =)

How do we access our SHIFT account btw ? Isn’t it tied to the forum handle, meaning if we’re able to post here it means we have a SHIFT account ?

I remember this SHIFT page I believe with gray and orange layout but I don’t remember how to access it.

Thanks tons :blush: !

I just discovered I had 2 SHIFT accounts :grimacing: !
So one is linked with Steam and has an history of all keys and stuff, and I don’t understand why I also have a second one. Hopefully the second one isn’t tied to these forums ? Maybe I created it for these forums I don’t remember, but that’d be the explanations of why I have 2 SHIFT accounts. It seems to me the reason why I have the second one would be because I forgot about the 1st and thus created a second for the forums, but not sure…

How would I check that ?

EDIT : yeah well I found the answer… It’s the display name that made me understand.
So yeah it happens I have a SHIFT account that is to my main email and linked with my Steam account, and I created a second one with my gaming related email for the forums and forgot about my main SHIFT account.
So I actually post in these forums with the gaming email, the one not linked with Steam. I hope it’s not a problem.

If your posting on these forums you have a Shift account.

Wait are u sure? Bc I’ve never heard of shift, but I guess maybe that’s the engine these forums are run on? Can anyone confirm this? I def don’t want to miss the beta!!

If oyu played Bl2 you would have been promted to make a SHIFT account, and im 99% sure the account you have here is that same account (but you could make a new username)

What Shift is.

@Jythri: Randy, can we have that thread ported over here? Thanks.

I think this one is better suited for @Jeffybug or @joe_king

Maybe we can add this info too the FAQ, i added the info from the oldforum post and adjusted a bit

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I was thinking of those two but couldn’t remember their names. :blush:

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Yeah, what MentalMars said. How DARE you ask me to do moderater-y things!

(unwashed hobos)




SHiFT wise, remember, if you’re here posting on the forums, you have a SHiFT acct! :slight_smile:

I really hope the beta comes soon! I really want to try this new IP out

Ok. Last time I am asking, honestly, where… nope maybe I’ll say it slower so you can understand. Ahem. -clears throat- WHERE (location.). DO (hehe, giddity.). I (ie: Me.) DOWNLOAD (which means to get or install). THE (the word the.). BETA (thing I can finally play this game.)?

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I’m not sure if your joking or not, but there isn’t a beta yet, there’s is no location from which to download it.

I assume once it does hit if you qualify (looks like SHIFT user, and hopefully they prioritise people active on this section of the forum) you’ll be able to redeem a code on Psn/Xboxlive market place/Steam.

Just created an Account here because I really need Access to the demo!

I promise to fulfill most of the points. :smiley:

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