Ps4 beta players who buy season pass get free character unlock of choice

I don’t know about everyone else, but I somehow missed this part when I read the beta announcement 10 times

PlayStation 4 players who participate in the upcoming Open Beta and also purchase the Season Pass will receive a hero unlock key allowing you to instantly unlock any hero in the game.

Straight from the announcement

Never noticed that before. Good find, friend

How do they verify that you did both?

And I wonder does it matter if I purchased the digital version?

Actually it was my friend that pointed out to me lol. I felt the need to tell all you though

Pretty sure SHiFT is used

When I played the beta I wasn’t asked to sign into shift. This my curiosity on how’d they determine if played the beta.

I think you get the first DLC pack for free if you participated in the Open Beta. And it may be tracked possibly through your PSN account and not your SHiFT account. I’m not sure. So the free character unlock you get is actually part of the first DLC pack. If you get the Season Pass or the Digital Deluxe Edition then all of this is moot as you’ll be getting it anyway. But for those who aren’t getting anything but the vanilla game they will be getting some nice extras for free.

No, they get a free unlock token to use on ANY character if they played in the beta and buy the season pass (for exactly that reason).

I keep hoping they will take pity on the rest of us and give an unlock token is shift key, which is why I started this thread


The free unlock token they get is part of the DLC pack that they are getting for free though for being in the beta. If you don’t believe me then ask Jythri or any one of the other Gearbox staff who would know. If I am wrong I am wrong but this is what I was told when talking to people from Gearbox in the Early Access. If you get the Season Pass that sort of negates the free content for being in the Open Beta unless they refund a percentage of the money you payed for the Season Pass which I don’t think they will do.

I’m saying that those without a Season Pass get the first DLC pack for free. The unlock is part of this (and yes it can be used on any character - I never said otherwise). But if you get the Season Pass this free bonus becomes moot as you are getting everything you would be getting otherwise as part of the pass. I’m simply saying that buying the pass in essence negates the freebie. You still get it but you have basically paid for what would be free otherwise. This is what I understand from all of the information I have been provided.

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Emphasis mine:

PS4 BETA PLAYERS: As a thank you to PS4 players who participate in the Open Beta, they will receive the first Battleborn DLC Pack 1 and instant access to Alani upon release. PlayStation 4 players who participate in the upcoming Open Beta and also purchase the Season Pass will receive a hero unlock key allowing you to instantly unlock any hero in the game. In addition, PS4 players will have access to the Battleborn hero, Toby, during the Open Beta.

If they don’t buy the season pass, they still get Alani unlocked as part of DLC1, but not a token that can be used to unlock any player. At least, that’s how I read it.


Hmmm… so that’s two unlocks. One paid and one free.

That’s how I read it…

So, the next question is…who do I use this free unlock on, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?!
I didn’t get to play the who beta length and most of the characters were locked still. I’m at a loss.

Well, I think the idea, just as you said before, is that they got DLC1 from beta but it is also included in the season pass and two Alani unlocks makes no sense. So to keep it from being redundant for those that buy the season pass, they are giving them the special unlock to use on a character of their choosing.

Or perhaps both unlocks can be used on any character? Also possible.

Not if you look at what I quoted above.

How do we get the attention of a Dev?? :wink:

I need to know the details and how I can get that free unlock (if it exists)!!!

I pre ordered the digital delux edition on my ps4 on my account and my account is a primary account on my brother’s ps4 so does anyone know if he will get the same bonuses I do(like the skins, emotes…etc) and will the season pass work for him normally?

still waiting on this unlock… what’s the hold up gearbox?

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It was a miscommunication and is meant to be released with the first dlc. The reasoning is that ps4 beta players gets the first dlc for free. So if they bought the season pass as well, that benefit would be useless. To make it right, they decided to offer that unlock as well with the first dlc. This is via @joekgbx. He also mentioned they’re in talks with 2k to possibly change this if I understand Joe correctly.

Yes, there will be people who’ve unlocked everyone before then.
Yes, it is due to gbx not being clear enough. (And gbx via Joe apologized for this miscommunication)
Yes, they’re looking into possibly fixing this mistake.

Do keep in mind that since they weren’t planning on offering it right away, their ability to implement may not even be ready.

@JoeKGBX, if I missed or am wrong on anything, feel free to clarify or update the situation.

Otherwise please refer to Character Unlock Keys ... A Little Clarification
For more info on how the keys will work

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I think they confirmed PS4 players who own the Season Pass and played the beta would be getting a sixth key for any character of their choice, which is nice.

Too bad I have every character currently available, but still. Maybe they’ll toss in 31-35 later on down the line.