[PS4] BHC: Borderlands 2 Corrupted, PreSequel playable

Hi, i got a problem, previously I was able to play Borderlands 2 (BHC physical disk) on my SLIM PS4 until my external hard disk crashed. I have replaced the exthdd and installed BHC, but now only Presequel is playable. Every time i try to play BL2 it always say the application data is corrupted and disk needs to be removed.

I have tried the following (always involved deleting the game) and nothing worked:

  • Rebuild the database
  • swap BL2 between internal and external HDD installation but no luck.
  • Deleted all the BL2 saves and profile =(
  • cleaned the game disk with microfiber cloth, still no scratch nor any sign that disk can be unplayable
  • Disconnected to internet and play the disk version
  • Updated the game and connected to internet
  • Before the press x on BL2 home screen, i put the game to rest mode and when i came back at least intro video shows up but still no luck when i press x, still saying application corrupted and remove disk. No error code of some sort.

Hope someone can help me.

I had something similar happen on my XB1, where it would read some disks and not others, and it ended up with a dead optical drive. I’m not sure if there’s any way to diagnose for that, but the drive would have to access different areas of the disk for BL2 and TPS so it is feasible that in early stages the issue would show up for one and not the other.

I also (again from experience) would not rule out the possibility of a game disk issue even if there is nothing visible to the eye. Is there anyone locally you can borrow a disk from to check?

Thank you for the response, it could be the disc though I have no one near who got the same game nor a PS4 to confirm. I can hear the disk stops reading when I hit the X button from the BL2 title screen. I notice whenever I delete BHC and install it, it was quick unlike other PS4 games that takes minutes to install, i probably need to check games like this to test if my PS4 lens are good. Hope I do not need to replace my PS4 nor fix the lens, hope it is just a disk issue.

You could try seeing if there’s a nearby game centre that has a used copy of the disk going cheap - HC has been out long enough that it’s not premium tier any more. A bit risky since there’s no guarantee that the disk is good.

The digital version is on sale in the Canadian PS store right now at about 67% off, and I assume it would be in other regions as well, so there’s another option if that doesn’t blow the budget too much.

Thank you, i have submitted a support ticket. I will try to buy the digital version now that it is on sale.