PS4 BHC Player, Looking for coop players

Hello, I’m looking for players to play with. I’m 35 year’s old, a single father of 3 boy’s ages 9,6,4. So if hearing kid’s in the background or me going afk for a few, to tend to my kid’s. Will be a problem for you then please don’t leave a reply. I have been playing solo for a few months now. Other then occasionally playing with my 9 and 6 year old. I’m looking for players who like to have fun. Although can be serious when it comes down to it. I am more than willing to farm, take on raid bosses or whatever. I am wanting to see who I click with and who clicks with me. In hope of taking on borderlands 3 together Septermber13th and or beyond. I live in Pennsylvania, USA time zone EST. I can normally play whenever. Although with school going to be starting soon my play time will very somewhat. You would either have to get ahold of me on the ps4 or here. The only thing i’m not sure of at this moment is if my headset is capable of people hearing me speak. As they are earbud headphone’s for a cell phone. I’m able to talk on my phone with it. I just don’t have any ps4 friends yet as I just got the ps4 a month ago. Before that I played on ps3. I have a level 80 Axton not tried op yet. Level 41 Salvador, Level 39 Zero. If you think you would like to give this a shot. To see if we would click. My GT is: KingXLeonidous. If you would please tell me a little about your self before you send a friend request. Or have any questions please ask thanks.

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