PS4 BL GOTY Connection Issue

(Ancientwolf13) #1

Is the network having issues? I’m unable to join or invite a friend in game. It is stating connection to host was lost after trying to load…

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(BNT0317) #2

My husband and I are having the same issue. We can join each other, but one of our friends can’t join us, and only one of us can join him. Putting a damper on my otherwise excited day.

(kowalski7199) #3

Having the same problem

(Ztalon25) #4

Same thing, My brother and I have been trying for over an hour. No luck.

(WooKeyWire) #5

Same issue here. Can’t connect to almost every match browser lobby as well. Hopefully gearbox will fix this soon.

(Michaellaing1) #6

Same here been trying with friends all day

(Jarvisgames) #7

Me too. :frowning:
handsome Collection is working

(LazySith11) #8

Same problem here. A couple I play with can join each other but me and another friend can’t join them. Or 3 of us can join and one can’t. Or none of us. It is enfuriating.

( #9

I am having the same problem I am trying to play with a friend and I cant connect with him

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(Taggerox) #10

I’m having the same issue.

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(spyro202) #11

My friends and I tried for at least an hour to get together. Some could connect to some but not the others. We tried many combination of host etc. We even tried different method like either with invite or directly from the Friends menu, selecting a friend then join current game. Try to connect then nope! Connection lost or could not connect at this time, etc. We were all excited for this… Let’s just say that we left our gaming session with a frown instead of a smile…

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(Ali2Cool4You) #12

Same issue here.
We have been trying to play a game with 4 people since the game released but there is always one or two people that lose connection to host. We tried for 3 hours today and just gave up…

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(WooKeyWire) #13

I have been trying to connect to my friends and random lobbys for an hour still no success. I have only been able to connect to 1 of my friends once but none of our other friends could join. Please reply if you’re having the same issue so gearbox can see this and hopefully roll a fix out or something.

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(Wolfwoodcs) #14

Purchased the remastered original game on the ps4 today. Have two other friends that did as well. We have been unable to play Co-op at all. Invites go out and the game sits and thinks. Eventually times out and sends us back to the lobby.

Any thoughts or ideas?
Anyone able to play together?


(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #15

Support ticket time - have your friends file information too, please:

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(Wolfwoodcs) #16

Submitted and asked my friends to do the same

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #17

Hey there - please use the link a couple of posts up to submit a bug report. Also, moved you to a better section.

(Jarvisgames) #18

Connection Lost, every time (ps4)

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(LazySith11) #19

My friends and I are having the exact same problem. Enfuriating. Already submitted a ticket and so did my friends

(ryankruse837) #20

I connected with my friend what I did was set it to invite only and invited him and he was able to join just fine

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