PS4 BL GOTY Connection Issue

Try toggling the game mode like cookie noted in the most immediately above yours. This has sometimes worked when I’ve experienced the same issue on BL2 on XB1. (Although it doesn’t always work.)

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They’re probably not allowed to disclose that

Even if that’s the case, some kind of acknowledgement from gearbox that they’re working on the issue would be nice.

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starting to feel like 2k and gear box don’t care

Its only been a couple days. It would be unwise to publicly admit that the launch was a bit botched, from a financial perspective. Kinda ■■■■ business practice but what can ya do. I’m sure they’re trying to get this wrapped up as soon as possible to avoid taking a major hit in sales in its first week, give em a day or two

like you said it has been a couple of days already . I’m sure people reported it on day one .

Cod ww2’s matchmaking was completely broken for like 2 weeks at launch, these sorts of things can take time

Hey everyone!
I want to let you know that Gearbox and 2K are aware of the problems that players are having and we are actively working on a solution.

I knwo most of you have already, but feel free to submit tickets in to


Thank you. A little communication always goes a long way.


Well I think we are all having connection issues online, if you scroll through all the lobbies it shows that there are 3 spots open for everyone excluding the local mulitiplayer games. Honestly I’d just wait it’s been couple days since they released this new version. But my question is, is this just in general meaning both game of the year and regular are having server connection issues?

Iv included my way to get around the not being able to join friend untill they fix this sheet see below.

*can’t join friends or match make (found a temp fix to join friend so joining player hover over the invite send button, get host player to send invite then when it pops you confirm to send ur invite then you press the PS button bringing up the’re invite and join).

*Tearing/shuddering when moving up, down, left or right.

*Poor rendering can just stop randomly making game look like an N64 game.

*Laggy mini map (rotate: on).

*Map displays incorrect information or objective to non-host.

*submitting a ticket just seems to get you what feels like an automated response like we are idiots, please make sure you have ps+ and what error are you getting what are you pc specs, wth :joy::neutral_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: on the 3rd I was on the verge of preordering BL3 I downloaded BL1 GOTY in 7min (praise my 402mb fiber) :ok_hand: but my mood soon changed about how I feel towards gearbox and 2k for their poor service absolutely nothing being said on twitter the ignorance is real I’m just not sure I want to give them anymore money let alone another £90 for BL3 :thinking: thoughts.

pretty easy work around that i figured out was to invite your friend to a lobby, have it fail, then they invite you to another lobby and it should work. you can do this on a larger scale with 3 or 4 players, but its a little more complicated.

say there are 4 players each respectfully listed as 1,2,3 4. players 2,3,4 make their own lobbies, invite player 1. player 1 will accept every invite, one at a time. after they have all failed, player 1 will create their own lobby, and then invite 2,3,4. they should all connect without a problem. has worked for me every time


Easy to solve, Just enble DMZ on your router, it worked for me and all my friends

Has anyone been able to consistently join random online lobbies? I was able to join one game when I first downloaded the game then never again.

Tried that. No joy, sadly.

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I was on the same boat as you guys but I just did this Port forwarding and it worked. My cousin and I were able to play online with each other. It may be a pain in the ass but it worked for us. It took us about 30 minutes to do it.

Basically what you have to do is go to your router’s settings, you have to log in to your router first, check your routers bottom sticker/info and it will show you what’s your log in, username and password. Default log in is and for username is “admin” and password is “password” or “admin”. Once you log in, look for an option that says “Portfordward” and add the following ports. To find out more about port forwarding go to and look for your router name and model. It will show you where exactly is in your router’s menu.

I forgot to mention, that local IP is my ps4’s IP, just replace it with yours. Go to your ps4 settings under system and you should see it there. Also, make sure that everyone that is playing the game with you do the same to their router to be able to connect with each other.

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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated, but I’d rather do a bit solo and occupy my time with other games till this gets fixed at the source. Just not worth it for me at this point to start tailoring things just for this game. I’ve waited this long for Borderlands to show up for the PS4. I can wait a while longer for the multiplayer experience to show up.

Thanks again though.

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Yes, I understand but is no fun when you buy the game for the whole purpose of playing online with friends if it does not does that. I bought the game so that I can play it with my cousin together. Now we have to catch up before continuing with the story. Also, the game has a lot of glitches that needs to be fixed but I guess is better than nothing :smile:

Completely agree on the buying the game to play with others. Most of us have played this game already several times and were looking forward to going back to Pandora with an online friend. Much more fun that way.

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This has solved my connection issues. Thanks :grin:

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