PS4 BL GOTY Connection Issue

Same exact problem same thing each time cannot connect to host tried to join multiple ways and none worked

One thing you could try: have the HOST set their game to private local, then back again, then invite the others. No guarantees that it will work, but I similar thing plagues BL2 XB1 users from time to time.

Is anyone else experiencing matchmaking issues? Myself and friends are getting connection failed messages such as could not connect to host. This applies to invite friends to play, quick match and match browser, nothing works. Network setting is set to anything but offline and still occurs. This is on the PS4.

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There have been multiple reports of similar problems. All I can suggest at this point is filing a bug report:

The more data the crew have on this, the easier it will be to pin-point the cause.

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My friends and I can’t play multiplayer together, we keep getting the “you have been returned to the main menu due to disconnection from the host” we have tried restarting our games, restarting our PS4 systems and nothing seems to work

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You are not alone. Frustrating for sure.

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yeah I saw the other posting for it after I had posted this

Same here me and my friends are all having same problem

unfortunately because they still use the old servers have to do a lot of port opening and forwarding. Which i was hoping they would do before the release of this update. Even then when you do that people will only be able to join you.

Merged all the connection issues into one thread.

If you have not done so already:

Please file a report on this with the support desk:

+1 to the same problem, filed a report on the help desk - hopefully this will not be a long ongoing issue as really keen to play this online only with friends.

Dear Gearbox Team. Me and my friends bought the game yesterday and haven’t been able to connect and play together. Everybody submitted a ticket yesterday but we haven’t received any answer that the support is working. We tried out suggested actions and checked our Hardware. We don’t necessarily need a solution right now but would like to know if someone is taking care of the issue


You should have received an automated email with a ticket number. Usually, a human response follows in 1-2 days. However, that may be longer given we’re on launch day + 1…

Thank you very much for your timely reply. We will sit it out :slight_smile: Meanwhile Claptrap makes for a nice screensaver :smiley:

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same problem… fingers crossed they can fix it

Submitted my report. Hopefully this gets addressed in the near future. Been fun going back to experience Borderlands again, but it would be a lot more fun if I could team up with my friends online.

We were able to play yesterday after 10-15 attempts (I joined him through the party chat), but it’s inconcistent.

Trying to play now and having the same issues again.

Apparently it is possible to add a workaround by opening the correct ports, see

I will give this a test tonight and report back!

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Same problem here. With three of us only two of us can connect to each other. Third person is unable. We tried all combinations and hosting. Seems to be that two only was the magic number for us.

no luck on this one.