PS4 BL GOTY Connection Issue

(Flower4000) #105

I’ve now tried this like 20 times w 2 different friends, no luck

(Jones) #106

Same. Giving up hope until it’s fixed. Brought in my alt account with my second controller just to get some easy trophies because why not. It’s not a huge deal to me because as much as i enjoy playing with friends, i like to solo just as much. But, i really hate that i cannot recommend this game to anyone. Because even at only $30, in it’s current state, there is no way i would recommend it to a friend or anyone. And that’s sad and quite honestly GBX should be embarrassed. Because that’s how i would feel had i recommended it.

(Raulchavarria) #107

I can confirm that DMZ enable works too. Same procedure, log in to your router -> go to WAN -> DMZ enable -> input your PS4 IP address -> Apply Changes and your done :white_check_mark:.

(BuFu_EVO) #108

Port forwarding is the other way if your desperate, but the invite thing does work for me and friends, my ps4 was already DMZ prior to this so that wasn’t something I’d say works, either way looks like gearbox/2k have finally addressed the issue and are apparently working on a fix. No eta as of yet.

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(06rmadrid) #109

That’s a quote from literally this thread. What I want to see is more updates on Monday from gearbox themselves. A twitter post or something.

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(Mperea313) #110

If you just switch to public to invite it should work, it worked for me instantly

(spiritwolfwolves) #111

Still can’t connect to any one

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(The doc is in.) #112

Tried going public before sending invite today and it didn’t help.

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(callumaltoft) #113

The invite method does work iv done it multiple times with different people to make sure it works.

Step 1: make sure you and your friend are in the main menu.
Step 2: YOU make a lobby but don’t start the game and invite your friend.
Step 3: it will say he/she has failed to join.
Step 4: stay in that lobby you made and get your friend to host their lobby (don’t start game) it and invite and you, should be able to join them.
Hope this helps until the patch comes :slight_smile:

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(Bergj14) #114

Can confirm the port forwarding method works. I did it on 3 separate occasions and it all worked on the first attempt. I did the invite method and dmz method and both failed. Definitely take the little bit of time to learn how to port forward your router.

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(Cheersploding as I type!) #115

Typically gearbox don’t give info on progress until they are absolutely sure that they have correctly identified the problem and that the fix actually works, rather than give false hope with potentially inaccurate info.

This always takes longer than anyone, including gearbox, wants.

(DeadTurtle) #116

So i can confirm that you can play online with friends with an invite only game. if you are like me and dont have any friends you can look at the matchmaking list, send an friend invite to a player you want to join and once you are friends connecting should be easier, total pain but better than this port forwarding nonsense imo

(Cepblu573) #117

Nothing helps. Ports, DMZ, magic with invites/double invites/second controller. Can you tell me, Gearbox knows about problem or they didn’t say anything about it yet?

(indiix2) #118

They are aware of the issue. They commented further up the chain about being aware of it and looking into it.

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(BuFu_EVO) #119

Dmz works perfectly but all parties must do same u can’t just dmz and expect friends to join or go matchmaking as they may not have dmz too

(How much time do we have?) #120

Weird seeing Phoebe replying to Phoebe…

But yes, GBX is very much aware of the issue. Note that if the fix requires a code change, this will need to go through certification with Sony. Hopefully, that would be expedited, but it’s unlikely we’ll get any kind of release announcement until that is completed.

Also @666fff666 - your email address is showing…

(Dragonslayer 69) #121

Hey, I am just stating basically what one of the links in this thread already says, but as for my friend and I, port forwarding fixed our problem with not being able to connect to host.

(tdagan1) #122

I used this method to play with my friend. Works well.
(lanham454) #123

My son and I can connect in the same house. But my cousin and I have to join my brother. It won’t work otherwise. The one prob is he is higher level and further along. On a positive I just want to say the game is still fun otherwise and everything I expected and remember :smile:

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(Stairs? Noooooooooooo) #124

Same problem here. Always The same: Connection to host failed. Hope it get fixed soon and meanwhile i have to play it solo…a coop shooter lol

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