PS4 BL GOTY Connection Issue

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Posting without reading. Sorry but apparently everyone joing must be lower level than the host. Once in you are in the lobby you can change to your main character

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I don’t think that’s necessarily true. When I was testing port forwarding etc, I got 2 higher lvl guys to join via invite. And higher lvl randies have been able to join me after also. I think it might be random tbh.
Glad to see acknowledgement finally though.

(lanham454) #128

I don’t understand port forwarding. I just hope the prob is fixed sooner than later.

(lanham454) #129

There is more to it than just everyone being lower level. Some un-seen variables popped up last night. Still had to be on a character file that had not gone to the nu you station at the beginning. We had to join with my cousin who couldn’t join us no matter what. This is on PS4 and I’m completely lost now. Will continue to experiment after work. We have had to join session through the ps4 party screen. Invites through the game don’t seem to work for us. I will stream on twitch tonight around 7pm central to show how we are doing it. I will post a link when I start

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Mouth in foot. Sorry can’t get anything to work now.

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This IS ■■■■■■■■ WTF GEARBOX!!

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:man_facepalming: I didn’t thought of that! I’ll try it this afternoon.

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DMZ that’s all :+1:

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All level / how far along you are would not matter person would still be able to join but they would get a message letting them know they would be ineligible for story mission progress if host was ahead

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its not a sony issue

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I finally got in a coop Game with a random Player after a million times of trying. At the time a third player joined the session i earned the trophy for playing a game with two friends of my ps4 friendslist although a was in a game with two random players. Wtf lol

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This trophy is for playing with two other players, they don’t have to be your friends. So it’s normal.

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K than its wrong translated to german

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it is patched; close this

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Had nice and smooth coop since this morning patch so yeah…
I think we can close that one now to avoid any mix up with future issues.
@VaultHunter101 @Psychichazard

-edit- Or give a little more time… Your call.

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Yo Gearbox, can you at least report this as faulty content to Sony, so that people can at least be refunded…? Then buy it when it’s actually working like it works perfectly fine in the “Handsome Collection.” I love your games, but there really isn’t a reason why we never had issues like this on last gen consoles, nor is there a reason why everything works perfectly fine in group joining in the “Handsome Collection”, but not here, and I could really use that $32.06 to go play something with my friends that actually works while you sort out these problems, and then come back to this, willfully give you my money, when it is the game I thought I was paying for. Please and thank you <3

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There was an update released for PS4 very recently - see the post literally two above yours. If, after updating your game, you still have problems, then please let the support desk know.

The remaster is a port of the game by a different studio (Blind Squirrel) to the ones who did the HC ports of BL2 and TPS, and BL1 has already gone through two iterations for on-line support (from the original GameSpy servers to PSN). It’s more than possible that those transitions left some odd bugs lurking quietly in the code that did not become apparent until the game hit the full range of consumer modem/router and ISP combinations out there.

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Wasn’t trying to be smart or a badass, I personally just love your games and when tried to hop on during the last week and we faced with issues we had never been faced with, we were a little irritated. We wanted to immediately go re-immerse ourselves in Pandora and relieve the good ol’ days. I will check it out once I get off location from my job, and let you know, as I appreciate your feedback. I know that what you guys do requires loads of time, devotion, energy, and work, and to hear one person mouth off in the wrong way may rub you the wrong way, but that wasn’t what I really wanted to go for, and I’m sorry. I just want you guys to be able to put out the best products you can we have fallen in love with over the years, and if it needed more time, then so be it. You will always have my dedication and support. I am sorry for coming off like a pompous douche.