PS4 BL GOTY Keeps crashing

Greetings, my game keeps crashing at the same point in the game, just after defeating nine toes at skag gully and returning to firestone. I get the regular crashing message CE-34878-0 after a few seconds, not only in menu but also while fighting or simply walking around. I tried to delete and download the game again, delete the save file, hard reset, nothing works. I only have this issue with this game, BL2 handsome collection runs perfectly fine. Any suggestions?


If you can fill in one of these support tickets with as much information hopefully it will allow them to pin down the problem.

I already filled one, i was wondering if other people had the same issue

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Ah, I think I’ve seen several mentioned but various different locations in game.

The game runs fine until this exact point in the game, kill bone head, return the mission, then game keeps crashing. This is wierd :confused:

I encounter exactly the same problem and in the same place… I play offline coop on playstation 4. EDIT : I have already completed the form also

A feedback ? because it’s impossible to play the game for the moment… :disappointed_relieved:

The only discussion I’ve seen of this with a potential solution is on PC. The cause there seems to be related to Angel’s cut-scene that triggers there. There’s on option on PC to skip cut-scene intros; enabling this causes the game to crash every time she appears. That setting shouldn’t have an affect on Angel’s appearances - and didn’t in the original version of the game. But something about the way Angel has been redone is causing issues on PC at least.

As far as the support ticket goes: you should get an automated email reply with a ticket number, and a human reply afterwards. The support desk is very busy right now, so it may take a day or two to get a response.

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Thank you for this answer, it’s nice. The bug you describe seems to perfectly match the problem I’m experiencing. The game crash during Angel’s cinematic. I did not notice the relationship of cause and effect. I will wait for the return of the support ticket. Hope this is fast. I had never encountered a problem with the Borderlands games on the Playstation 3. PS: excuse my English, I’m French

Thanks for the answers. I started a new character and made a backup save just in case. This time it didn’t crash at all, and finished the game just fine, but it seems it is indeed that angel cutscene that makes the game crash.

I’ve experienced this myself and the Large Arenas in the Underdome DLC are very crash prone and unstable:

I had the problem once again in knoxx dlc, i think the problem comes from the autosave. It saved then i battle some lance troopers and the game crashed : my game kept crashing after reloading, so i tried to manually save the game and reload. It fixed the issue, no more crash, so i think the problem might come from the autosave.

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Thanks for the information. I will try to disable auto save for the moment. Hoping it works like this. But I’m still very impatient that a patch arrives. I play the second opus while waiting …