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("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1

I started a Community on PS4 for anyone who wants to find co-op partners or tell us about your finds.


Any word on a PS4 multiplayer fix?
Looking for peeps to team up
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(Flesh Crunch) #2

See you there Guys!

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #3

If you are interested, give me your PSN and I’ll add you to the Community.

(Venomous72) #4

Venomous72. I would be interested, I often need help moving weapons around to other characters but I can also farm Craw pretty quick if people need help with that.

(Tooros) #5


(That’s an uppercase ‘i’ And two dashes.)

Yes please.

Back on the train.

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("The first rule of Fight Club...") #6

@vaulthunter101 could you move this over to the PlayStation category? Thanks.

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(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #7

Done. Just so you know, if you are the OP you should be able to relocate your own thread by hitting edit on the OP and using the location drop down. (Or the edit icon beside the title if it’s visible for you.)

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(Bowershunt) #8

This it’s my Psn: bobitodlc

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(DeadTurtle) #9

turtle091 got a lvl 22 siren on right now (ps4)

(Moviemanmatt187) #10

Psn moviemanmatt187

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(Moviemanmatt187) #11

Im looking for a couple people to play the borderlands remastered goty on ps4 psn moviemanmatt187

(Bowershunt) #12

Im a hunter lvl 15, i will add you later :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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(Kazekage216) #13

I’m interested as well , anyone know how to import your character from ps3? The ps3 version doesn’t have an export option so I don’t know how to get my character, also if anyone would like to help me power level that be awesome. Thanks in advance psn kazekage216

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(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #14

There should have been an update for that.

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(Kazekage216) #15

I updated it but there’s still no export option

(Mr_Matt) #16

Happy to play as/when online works - PSN ID is Mr_Matt

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(CDR_Shepard) #17

@Sun_Tsunami – add me! My PSN ID = bevross

Hopefully the online portion will start working soon :frowning_face:

(Sahi) #18

Am playing pretty often. PSN:- sahig1

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Hi Sun, still can’t get into this community, could i beg another invite?

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("The first rule of Fight Club...") #20

Just sent it over.