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Also, anyone noted any patterns in getting into lobbies? for some reason i can join @dogstar13 easily enough but he cannot join me.

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #22

Check the very long thread in the PS Tech Support section - there’s a major matchmaking issue causing all sorts of weirdness.

(DeadTurtle) #23

Hey yall, just started play thru 2 with my siren :slight_smile: anyone wanna play? getting on now turtle091

(Kazekage216) #24

if U wouldn’t mind letting me tag along help me power level a bit I can play, still on play thru one though. Just finished arid, lv20 not sure if that matters if I remember u can only do whatever playthru the person has that your on though

(Haydenjh98) #25

Can someone help me power level to level 61? My psn is HJHsaintsfan98

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(elbogg) #26

el_bogg, would love an invite! Please, and thank you!

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #27

Sent a request in with my forum name attached

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(Josjones22) #28

I will add you my dude. My PSN is JONESHOUSE22

Sending you a FR now :slight_smile:

(Josjones22) #29

Can’t find you…

(Josjones22) #30


Add me and we will play together hopefully when online is working again lol

(Abigail Losoya Iu) #31

Is it normal to kill a boss like 2 levels higher that you but drops a lower level gun? In the Borderlands: GOTY…


Yup unfortunately. Loot drops seem very screwy. Bone head is like lvl12 in PT1 and always drops a lvl3 Boneshredder.

(Abigail Losoya Iu) #33

Yes! It is super annoying…I’ll get lucky and find something maybe a level below me that I can use, but mostly I’ve been getting by, by using my golden keys.

(irusjayd) #34

I’m looking for a shield. In the PS3 version i had a shield that was invincible. I used it for the heavy grind trophies. especially the moxxi dlc. i’ll play with anyone.


(DeadTurtle) #35

Hey yall, finally got my siren to lvl 69, looking for peeps to farm bosses/craw and other fun endgame stuff, hit me up anytime psn: turtle091

(Josh) #36

Add me ps4 psn is

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