PS4 BL2/BLPS co-op partners needed. Read details

I want a full co-op team to create all new toons and only use those toons when we play as a team. Primarily BL2 now until BLPS gets FPS fixed but I’m even down for that at this point.

I typically play 10/11pm to 2/4am ET most nights. Greedy gear grabbers, duppers and exploiters need not reply. I’m also not in a hurry so I won’t rush you through the game. I just want to make some new friends and play some BL. Adults only please. Nothing personal kids/teens out there, but the party is rated M.

PSN: CryoSpartan

is this still a standing offer?

If u need a playing partner I’m up for it, I’m looking for someone who is wanting to collect the trophies… I know there is only a few online ones to collect. Plus it would be a good wy to level up to 50 as I’m only level 35 so far.