(PS4) BL2 Co-op help needed: Level 72, trying to get through the OP levels

Oh. My. Goodness.

I always die on Digistruct Peak.

The last time, I killed the last enemy – one of the assassins, I believe – and what do you know – his bullet (or fire, or something) hit me after I killed him – so no getting out of FFYL for me!

I could use some co-op help!

Rah-Khan on PS4.

Friend me! Message me! Help me! AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhh!

I can help you with the last two OP levels when you get to OP6. Sorry I currently dont have time to help you more. If you want, just add “orange_teacher”.

A good samaritan helped me all the way to OP 8 today – yay! And thank you, good samaritan!

Congrats :slight_smile: