PS4 BL2 GBX Forum Members Community

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PS4 users, heads up.

@sun_tsunami have created a community in the PS4 console titled “BL2 GBX Forum Members Community”. This community is exclusive for forumers past or present who have a PS4.

Please come and visit the community and send a request to join or you can also post your PSN and we will add you in.

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splinter group…love it!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #3

Currently 41 members. Request to join and we will add you in. This community is restricted to forum members only.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #4

57 members! :+1:

Anyone on PS4 is welcome to join.


(triatt92) #5

Triatt92 hit me up!

(Danzwell) #6

Add me please.

PSN: Danzwell

(Troylus) #7

Just requested membership :blush: PSN TheTroyOfHelen, hope to connect up and play alongside more fans of the game!

(Grief Bacon) #8

I’m a member already but just dropping by because i’ve only just seen this :+1:

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9


(Berserker) #10

I’m a member of this elite squad.

You should all be too.

(misterRage55 ) #11

My PSN is misterRage55 :smile::blyoohoo:

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #12

Check out our PS4 Community!

(Raphael ) #13

Hello there, just seen these Thread and it sounds like an amazing community, i hope most of all are active^^ I am OP8 Assasin Main :smiley:
I would like to team up with others 4 raids off all kind(mostly for the Vermi^^)

My PSN is: Draconis-Mhf

i got a few Items left for trades or some old lower leveled gear from lvl1-OP8 i could spent :smiley: if that would help anyone. If theres not the right thing there, lets farm 4 it^^ i’ll help :smiley:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #14

Will add you in. :hugs:

(Grief Bacon) #15

Hey everyone, can any of you help me out with a level 72 Corrosive Butcher or Conference Call? I killed the Sorcerer yesterday for around 5 hours on and off, and all I got was two Impalers and two of the Jack heads. I want to do the peak with Krieg but I need some kind of useful shotgun, and those two are probably the most useful for what i’m doing.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #16

Let me check, pm you if i have any.

(Grief Bacon) #17

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

(Grief Bacon) #18

Quick question, if I get a month of PS Now to play Poker Night 2, will that allow me to get the skins for BL2? I don’t and never have owned a PS3, which is why I ask.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #19

Don’t know the answer to that. I’ve gotten mine thru playing the game on PS3. Then I had to contact GBX to have them upload the skins and heads to my quick change.

(Grief Bacon) #20

I tried googling but didn’t find an answer. I’d pay for a month of that, I won’t be getting a PS3 just for skins though :slight_smile: