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You should give this a try:

They may be able to answer this question for you.

(Gerard HDZ) #22

Adding my name

PSN VonStoogiN

Always down to try to farm raid bosses

(elbogg) #23

I’d like to join the community also, please. Have played the crap out of Xbox One and PC versions in the past, moving into PS4 to work on the trifecta. :stuck_out_tongue:

PSN: el_bogg

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You both have been invited and thanks for joining.:+1:

(elbogg) #25

Sweet, thanks!

Anyone sees me on, please feel free to shoot a message or an invite. I’ve tried opening my game up to the public and just ended up with random kids screaming at the voiceovers …

I’m mainly planning on leveling Gaige up to 72 first so that I can use her to get better gear for the others as needed. I tend to take my time and do all the story/sidequest content along the way. Usual approach is storyline/sidequests for the original game for NVHM, then the same for TVHM first, working on DLC afterward till 72, then move to UVHM.

That being said, I have all 6 VHs at ~10 and enjoy playing them all. I’m more than happy to join with anyone else interested in the same approach, or just grinding through the levels/content on the way to 72, or working on BAR, or whatever. I’m easy like that. Would just like to get in some co-op with people who want to play.

(Grief Bacon) #26

Yes, this happens. Also, the ones that insist on spending the whole time trying to duel or trade with you :roll_eyes:

(What does it all mean!?) #27

A piece of advice that I wish I had thought of much longer ago…If you’re going to play in random lobbies (I don’t anymore for BL2, but I do often in the game I’m currently playing the most, Warframe), create a private chat party with just you in it and have your settings to prioritize party chat. That way, you won’t hear other people’s lives over the mic and can just play the game in peace… Makes random lobbies much better in my opinion…

An issue with random lobbies in BL2, however, is the prevalence of the “one hit wonders” using modded weapons and/or BAR. It’s not too bad in the lower levels, but it basically makes it impossible to play in random lobbies at endgame.

Let me know if you need any gear, I have extras of a lot of common OP8 items to give away for all classes… don’t imagine you need anything at lower levels as it’s easier (and more fun in my opinion) to just play the game and use what you find… that must be tough to start over after having everything on other platforms

(elbogg) #28

Sweet, thanks for the offer and the advice - I’ll keep them both in mind!

(Grief Bacon) #29

Any of you need to do the Ghostbusters trophy? My NVHM Athena has the mission available, I haven’t accepted it yet. Would like to get it out of the way :slight_smile: @Sun_Tsunami I know this is BL2 Community, before you jump all over this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jokes aside, I can help. I will be on this week. Don’t know what day, but glad to help. That’s the 4 player mission?

(Grief Bacon) #32

Yes. I can provide two players, if need be. No rush for it, i’ll leave it available in her Normal regardless of if I move into TVHM or not, but I just know it’s a thing so would like to get it done :slight_smile:

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I have 2 accounts so we can get it done.:+1:

(Grief Bacon) #34

Sounds good! As I said, no rush, i’m going to be getting everyone through Normal I think before moving anyone into TVHM, unless I get bored. So it can wait, as long as I know I have someone to get it done with :slight_smile:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #35

I did it solo, with 2 accounts and another 2 guest accounts.

(Grief Bacon) #36

I only have two controllers

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #37

you can do it with 1 controller.

(Grief Bacon) #38

Tell me how :slight_smile:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #39

get your main account and start the game. then switch to a guest account then join in, then switch to another guest then join, and same with the third. then go back to the main account and start the game.

(Grief Bacon) #40

So sign in as me, when the game has loaded, turn controller off, then on again and bring in another account, etc.? Then turn it off again and then select my account? Or just go to switch user?