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it’s easier with a second controller, my main is in the first controller, the 2nd is already in a guest account. when that account is already in the game i switch it to another guest and 1 more guest afterwards. then go back to the main controller to start the game.

no need to turn off the controller, just press ps button and go to the power settings and switch user then choose guest account if you do not have another account.

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Just wanted to say that with thanks to @nat_zero_six, I managed to do this solo with just one controller. :slight_smile:

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Psn: Da_C_Dawgg. I’m interested in joining, would appreciate an invitation, thanks in advance.!:smile:

On-line multiplayer broken?
(Glidingdog) #45

Just sent in a request. My psn is Glidingdog

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Member #100 ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you.

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100 badass PS4 players :+1::+1:

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100 members! For starting this PS4 Community so late in the game’s life, I’m stoked to hit 100! Thanks for everyone who has joined and anyone who wants to join.

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(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #50

we are just early for Borderlands 3. :wink:

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nuk3emt0day I can help with gear as well if anyone is in need of it :grin:

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I pop in and out for short bursts up the peak with Maya (OP8) at odd times and i currently have no mic thanks to my 5 year old son. If this sounds like something you wanna get into please do!

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #53

I’m always hanging out at the Peak. I’ll send you a FR. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Deviouschef) #54

Can you guys add me please, psn DEVIOUSCHEF
I play a lot and need help getting some loot and beating raid bosses. I also could use a hand on the peak. thanks

(Deviouschef) #55

i new to these forums lol

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #56

Welcome to the forums. @sun_tsunami will add you in the community since I am at work.

Also post your daily adventure in Pandora here.

(Thatguysh4rk ) #57

I’m down to help you with some stuff. PSN thatguysh4rk. I’m usually available after 7pm PST (west coast north America)

(Deviouschef) #58

added u. im a lvl 72 zero

(A Crystal Ocelot Ate My Logic) #59

So hey, i’m a lapsed player coming back maybe only for a day… :smiley:

(Gamechanger97) #60

Hey everyone, I love this game but only recently made an account with the forums. I would love to join the community. I have Maya, sal, and zero op8, an op7 gaige, a 64 axton and a 24 krieg. I usually play very late eastern time in the US. Usually like 12 am to 5 am. I’d love to join the community. I got stuck with my little brothers account and didn’t realize I couldn’t change the name so no one judge me :upside_down_face: PSN: bouncy_emus