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As much as I appreciate the sentiment of what you said, i’m not really going to come here to talk about my exploits on other games haha. And none of them will be Gearbox games, since all the other ones are kind of terrible in my opinion. I’ll check back occasionally sure, but I doubt i’m going to post about non-Borderlands things :slight_smile:

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #83

i think the Dr. was saying that you can comment anytime of your BL2 knowledge even if you aren’t playing the game. You’re posts have always been helpful and entertaining.

(InNOut) #84

Hi folks - new to the game and to PS. Would love to be added to the PS4 group. ID is: in__n__out_

Another question for you all - has anyone experienced multiplayer issues and would be able to help a little? My buddy and I have been playing through co-op but about a month ago we started getting “please check network cables” whenever I try to add him to my game or he tries to add me. What is odd is that we can usually join other multiplayer games, just not if I or he hosts. Both of our PS4 network tests come up ok. We have even tried dropping our MTU in PS4 network settings and also tried using our cell phones as wifi hotspots for the PS4 but same result. Very frustrating. If this is offtopic and I should post elsewhere please lmk. tia

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There are just issues with the handsome collection regarding multiplayer, both on PS4 and XB1. It’s frustrating but they have done nothing to fix it, sadly.

(Is this thing on?) #86

This is a known issue, apparently to do with stale cached connection data, and it can be pretty random when it strikes. Usual attempts to get around it are:

  • Try joining a public game, then quit and try joining your friend’s game
  • Toggle your game network settings to private local only, then toggle it back
  • Try a full reset (full power off/power on, not a quick restart) of your console

As @Kuolemanlaakso says, it happens and it’s a pain. Because it seems to be quite random as to who and when it strikes, though, the root cause was never successfully identified.

BTW for future reference, tech issues can be posted here:

(InNOut) #87

Thx folks. Given how long this has lasted and the number of times we have reset/changed things trying to fix it feels more permanent/something messed up with our setups but will try above and repost in the tech support forum. Thx again

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Anyone know a way to upload pics from your PS4 to the forums while browsing thrm from your PS4?

Also i somehow lost my old psn, so y’all can remove it

(Cmickey99) #91

PSN: Madmod4
played alot on xbox a few years ago got a ps4 so now im back :smiley: i would love to join you guys

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PSN: Meonic99
That should do it.

(xRAPT3Rkill3Rx) #93

Can anyone help me power level so I can grind to op 8 and possibly play with some people I would appreciate it greatly appreciated if so add me on ps4 psn is xRAPT3RKILL3Rx

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #94

Not sure about while browsing them, however I just made a twitter account purely for uploading purposes. It might help you? I don’t use twitter so had to make one, you can just post the links to the images like normal.

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Me and my son would love to join

Psn id: drnu20
Psn id: runpoprun