PS4 BL2 "The number of golden keys has not increase after enter the shift code!"

I used the code of below link to redeem the golden keys.

I entered the code at “

I was successfully to redeem the key at the beginning.
But after redeeming more than a dozen, it shows “To continue to redeem SHiFT codes, please launch a SHiFT-enabled title first!”

As like as the issue:

Then, I entered the game to see how.
There is a pop up msg to inform me that I got 175 keys.

After that, I tried to restart my PS4 and re-sign in to “” to fixed the issue.
Then, I can redeem the key again.

After I entered all codes, I enter the game again.
I checked the redeem status at EXTRA > SHiFT CODE > My Rewards.
It normally indicates the number of times I redeemed the keys.
2 keys / 3 times
5 keys / 31 times
20 keys / 1 time
25 keys / 2 times
=231 keys
and 3 more Hidden SHiFT Code - 5 keys per code
231+15=246 keys

When I select “Continue” to start game again, no msg pop up this time.
I go to Sanctuary to check to key qty. It still show 175. Hasn’t increase after the second time redeem.

VH and a few others helped me with this. Unless you’re willing to type it in w a controller you have to continuously launch the game in order to redeem more than 3 codes at a time

how much time it take to see the keys in game after we enter Shift codes on -> Shift section ?
I had 52 keys before I entered the shift codes on
The shift codes I entered are from Gearbox forum : Playstation Active Shift Codes

I can see they are valid and have been entered correctly on :
But, in game on PS4, I don’t see any key added to my account, I still have my 52 keys…
Are those codes still valid ?

Are they showing up as redeemed in the in-game SHIFT Rewards tab as well?

Not at all, in the bonus section or Borderlands 2 PS4, I can see some codes added in the log, but no key have been added in game, I still have the same amount of keys…

If the in-game rewards tabs shows the key redemptions but they aren’t added to your total, then at least you know your SHIFT account is still connected correctly. Try doing a full power shutdown and restart on your PS4 (to clear any stale cached data) and then check again. If the keys still haven’t shown up, you’ll need to file a support ticket.

Fixed by deleting Borderlands 2 Profile file.
After I destroyed the game profile file, I got a popup in BD2 saying the new gold keys have been added.
If someone have the same problem on PS4, solution is here :
PS4 Menu -> Application Saved Data Management -> Delete -> Borderlands Handsome Collection (Or Borderlands 2) -> Profile data
It is the file which store game settings (not any of the files containing a character name).
Hope it will help someone

All heads and skins are saved in profile file, also the gear kept in Stash. Do not delete this save.

Moved to the right spot.


In theory it should be backed up to the PSN cloud (if you have that enabled); still very risky though. I would strongly recommend making a periodic backup of this file (along with all character saves) on a USB.

Are you sure about this ?
Skin and heads stored in profile file ? (Setting file) and not online ?

If you browse the contents of your folders you should see both the individual save files and a separate file. In TPS for sure this is in the same folder as the saves. Not entirely sure for BL2 and I don’t have a PS4 so I can’t check to verify.

The cosmetic items, keys, and stash contents are however stored in a single file called something like profile.bin or profile.dat, and that file is tied to your platform account (PSN, GT, Steam ID). If it gets deleted or corrupted, and there’s no cloud backup (or the corrupted version syncs to the cloud) then everything in it could be gone for good.

My suspicion is that in your case the system just deleted the locally saved profile and then downloaded the cloud version back to your console. For whatever reason, that caused the game to re-sync the SHIFT rewards when you launched it again. If you can, though, I would recommend maintaining your own separate backups of all the files - there have been any number of folks (myself included) who’ve had that critical file get corrupted and had no way to recover it.

Yes, I’m sure.
BAR is also saved in the same file.

Ok, thank you, I will check; I should have a backup on the PSN cloud…

PS : What is “BAR” ?

BadAss Rank.

You were right, all my Badass point have been reset, but I still have the point, they just need to be assigned. And all the skins and head I got during the game have been marked NEW, but are still here too.
My Maya character still have the same head and same skin she had before I remove the profile file.
Finally it is not so bad, at least I got the gold keys, and I will just spend 10 minutes to re-allocate the 180 Badass points.

It was the only way I found to got my keys, I created a ticket to ask the support for help , but I got a pre-written message (clean your cache, give me Shift ID), and after I gave them the info needed, I didn’t got any answer. Cleaning the profile file was not the best solution, but at least it worked as needed

As I said, you probably got away with it because the cloud sync version was OK. Definitely recommend local backup to a USB as a second layer of defence against any potential future issues!

On PS4, PSN Plus cloud file download is not automatic, they must be done manually.
After I read your message, I checked my PSN Cloud profile file to see if I had a recent backup, and sadly it was to old (27 July) so I decided to keep the new created profile. Tbh I don’t know where Badass score and skins are stored on pS4, but at least I didn’t lose anything important with this profile file removal.