PS4 BL2 "The number of golden keys has not increase after enter the shift code!"

I used the code of below link to redeem the golden keys.

I entered the code at “

I was successfully to redeem the key at the beginning.
But after redeeming more than a dozen, it shows “To continue to redeem SHiFT codes, please launch a SHiFT-enabled title first!”

As like as the issue:

Then, I entered the game to see how.
There is a pop up msg to inform me that I got 175 keys.

After that, I tried to restart my PS4 and re-sign in to “” to fixed the issue.
Then, I can redeem the key again.

After I entered all codes, I enter the game again.
I checked the redeem status at EXTRA > SHiFT CODE > My Rewards.
It normally indicates the number of times I redeemed the keys.
2 keys / 3 times
5 keys / 31 times
20 keys / 1 time
25 keys / 2 times
=231 keys
and 3 more Hidden SHiFT Code - 5 keys per code
231+15=246 keys

When I select “Continue” to start game again, no msg pop up this time.
I go to Sanctuary to check to key qty. It still show 175. Hasn’t increase after the second time redeem.

VH and a few others helped me with this. Unless you’re willing to type it in w a controller you have to continuously launch the game in order to redeem more than 3 codes at a time