(PS4) BL2 & TPS Matchmaking Population

Hey fellas, I just got THC on PS4 few days ago. I’m currently only left with UVHM Lv.52 Jack from my PS3 while the rest of my TPS heroes and guns (including Jack’s heads and skins) flushed down to the sink hole due having my PS3 sold prior to buying PS4 and this game. I’m also replaying BL2 from scratch because I was playing on PC back then.

Now I’m thinking of subbing PS+ for this game (I don’t really play online multiplayer), but how’s the population of high level UVHM/TVHM of BL2 and TPS nowadays?

Two days ago, I checked TPS Matchmaking (with Lv52 Jack and Lv4 Athena) and it was totally barren land, but that’s just TPS being TPS - there’s no cure for that. On the other hand, Borderlands 2 result was more populated, but I’m not sure how it is after Lv50+.

Hopefully some of you who’ve passed Lv50 and still using Matchmaking can give me some insight. Thanks.

I’m not 100% sure how it is on the PS4 but on the Xbox One there are zero matchmaking lobbies available. The only way to find other players is to head over to the multiplayer trading post. In my opinion though as long as you can find people on the trading post (and there are tons of them) it will be worth buying PS+

That’s sure damn sad…

I’ve not had any real problems finding anyone on the PS4 to play with in either game to be honest, and I play in all three difficulty levels in both games. Sure, on TPS there are times when you literally cannot find anyone to play with at all. That said, the community seems quite aware of this and other players often send friend requests even if they don’t speak the same language, I find, so it’s easier to meet up and play again (especially seeing as “offline” if the TPS’s default network setting).

Good to know.

I hope I can find great running mates for PS4 TPS next time. I really want to re-create my Athena and Claptrap again in this PS4 version like how they were in my PS3 saves. But if there’s no other way, I guess I should ask my friend to lend me their PS3 for a week and buy a copy of TPS to transfer my old datas… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree I love this franchise and i’m surprised by the health of the matchmaking population

My TPS Matchmaking is like a stage during FFYL mode lol.

But I wonder which one is better. Empty Matchmaking or well-populated Matchmaking full of people who wants help, but never share loot, revive, or even going offline after close to winning a raid boss.