PS4 BL3 GBX Forum Members Community

PS4 users, heads up.

@sun_tsunami have created a community in the PS4 console titled “BL3 GBX Forum Members Community”. This community is exclusive for forumers past or present.


Please come and visit the community and send a request to join or you can also post your PSN and we will add you in.

we also have for BL2



Let’s make some mayhem



Join us vault hunters, we need all the vault hunters we could get.


up. the more the merrier.

Join us. we are 50+ strong.

You got a good legendary find? Can’t wait to share it in the forums? screenshot it and share it to the group.

You feel good and kill a boss? Do tell us.

You want coop partners? try asking someone who is online.

Needed some gears? ask away and see if anyone have a spare.

A friendly reminder for those in need of rare spawn mission on bounty board.

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Add novalord6214 to the community please and thank you love this community so much

PSN: DaddyTrapz

PSN: megadethwm
Is this a good place to join games?

And in the community can people help me beat the game even tho im a low level

psn: rbroyles2012