Ps4 Borderlands 3 permanent crashes

I can not play anymore since today Game always crashes after starting the fight. whether online or offline, normal or exterminator mode. is the same problem on ps4 and ps4pro. who still has this problem, or who can help me? Gameplay link:
even reinstalling did not work

I think your guardian level is over 1000. Many people have this same problem after the recent patch

OK, my last activity yesterday was the points I’m awarded at 868

it will freeze for 15 mins before it unfreeze. i heard that you need to gain enough xp to gain the next guardian rank to reset the rank to level 1 but you still get to keep the perks.

Having the same issue on ps4 pro rank 864.

Has it got any better? I’m experiencing a ton of crashes lately. More so the last few days. Mainly in the gauntlets. Unsure if it matters but mine normally happens when Moze is reloading an assault rifle. I know this is oddly specific, and yes I use other guns and characters. Aside from not ever using an entire class of weapons, any advice?