Ps4 borderlands friends and level up help

Hello, my name is xojellycakesox and I’m looking for cool borderlands friends to play with. I’m stuck at level 52 right now and it’s taking forever to xp up. Would really appreciate if someone could boost me to level 72 and play together sometimes.

Level 72 assassin, I don’t know the best way to level up but I can help you out add : drinkingcloud

I haven’t played in a bit
Central US timezone

Im not bragging, i good at BL2, I used to play PC and PS3…but i only got it on ps4 1 month ago so i have a lvl 33…If u want to add me we can play when i get higher lvl. PS4 - “Julzaayy”

I play Maya support

Psn: thatguysh4rk characters across the spectrum. Can help level as much as possible. Plus toss some legends to anyone who wants them. PST (west coast usa) on after 7pm most nights and weekends usually

I tried adding you but it wouldn’t find your name. You can add me if you like psn is sharebear420

All are welcome to add me, the more players the better

Ps4 player looking for someone to speed level with must have Marcus mission. Psn S-p_a-r_r-k_e-y_

Hi, Please Add me on PSN: LSCookies looking for help thorugh the pre sequel on my first play through on the final part of the final mission but my Nisha is underlevelled so i cant do it on my own, looking to play either of the games i have a level 72 OP 8 Gunzerk on BL2