PS4 Borderlands Friends Wanted

Hey fellow Vault Hunters!

I’m looking for players to Chat/Trade/Playthrough Borderlands: THC with. I’m currently a level 48 mechromancer playing through TVH mode (Borderlands 2). If anyone is interested please feel free to add my psn.

PSN: NA-Womble

Hey man I’ll be willing to play with you. Pause my psn is OutLawZ_Wolf level 50 siren. I’m wanting to farm to prepare myself for UVHM.

im down, add pyrotheatrics, currently level 41 mechromancer, doing cleanup stuff before starting uvhm

PSN is axendo, I have multiple characters and load outs, msg me with your lvl and character if you wanna play.

I’m a ninja, aaaand I’m just getting started at TVHM, but I’ll prop catch up quick, hope you don’t mind.

What’s your psn dude?


Hi guys, please add Cr0Dragon1988, for Borderlands:THC, mostly BL2. currently leveling a siren at 54 atm. please message me or add info on friend request. thanks

I’m a level 72 assassin with decent guns just looking for people to play with, my psn is IntuitiveApple3