[PS4] Borderlands GOTY Player Select

After selecting my higher level lilith the player select screen lags and slows down significantly. This only seems to happen after beating the first playthrough.

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I get the same, but only on my lvl 69 imported Siren and not on any other character including my lvl 61 Roland (also imported) and my 55 Brick (not imported) so not sure what’s happening here.

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Moved you to the right spot.

I’ll double-check later to see if XB1 does the same, although I don’t remember seeing this behaviour on my own imported Lilith.

Do you have an over-stuffed backpack at all?

All my Playthrough 2 and 2.5 characters, cause moderate to extreme lag when accessing the Character Selection Screen :frowning:. My Brick was fine until he unlocked Playthrough 2 but now the Character Selection Screen is noticeably laggy :frowning:.