PS4 Bug Problem/

The Controllers Vibration function While playing Borderlands 2 seem to just stop working after a few minutes. The Frame Rates Do Drop A Bit. And thats all the problem ive been encountering. Please Patch Gearbox and 2K

Hi @atomsaresmall! You’ll be very happy to know that the team is aware of both issues and currently looking into them. Thanks for the heads up!

Hey @joekgbx, my husband and I played through the new Clappy DLC yesterday. It is fantastic and we had so much fun! We did however have severe problems with frame rate drops, lag and no audio in The Subconscious. It was REALLY bad, almost unplayable at times, especially if my husband sent out Wolf and Saint or if we went into a vending machine or our menus. The loss of audio made it really hard to know what was going on as we had no dialog from NPCs. It seemed to only happen on that map. When we exited back to Concordia or anywhere else it was fine. The other issue we have noticed is that when we are in split-screen our toons move much slower then they did on the PS3. It doesn’t do that in single player though. Have you heard of anyone else on PS4 having these problems? I tried to search for a post but either there isn’t one or I am just “search-challenged” :wink:

Great! Glad you enjoyed it!

I believe the team is looking into this one currently, but I’ll pass this along just the same. :slight_smile:

I believe this is also a known issue, but I’ll certainly pass it along. Sorry for the issues and thanks for the heads up!

Thanks again @joekgbx. You, @Jeffybug and the Mods have been very helpful, quick to listen and to respond to us. You all deserve a raise or at least a hug or a beer (or a lounge) !
Thanks for everything!

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It’s almost beer time!

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