Ps4 bug report: wyrm-skin kicks

This legendary seems to drastically reduce healing received and it degrades as a match progresses, not sure if the degradation is over time or as you level up but I was only getting 200 HP/S on the spawn pads and 9 from supply stations, at level 5 when I activated the gear my healing rate was 600 from spawn and 19.2 from supply stations.

Sorry, not sure where to post this, if a mod could move this to the appropriate section and anyone else share their experiences I would appreciate that, thanks.

Edit: One theory I had was that the wound effect of the legendary may have been applying to Pendles but it seems to be a permanent debuff that stacks, I’ll have to test further.

Just realised I should have tagged either @JoeKGBX or @Jythri in this, my bad.