[PS4] Bug report

Hi! I just want to report a few bugs that I came across. It is probably already being reported but any case, here it is:

  1. The X button, while navigating the in game menus, is extremely sensitive. Often when you go through your friends list within the game, you will accidently spam them with invites or they will accidently spam you with invites. It also happened to me while selecting “private versus match” it also selected the map at the same time.

  2. Sometimes you weapon will just disappear and will only appear when you die and respawn.

  3. I don’t know if it is just a matter of settings (I forgot to check the settings), but Miko’s healing beam is a bit of a pain to activate, it’s not very responsive. It also jumps automatically from a person you are busy healing to somebody else, often someone who does not need any healing.

Thank you!

The X button works absolutely fine in the game itself but on occasions in the menu it can be very erratic. When selecting a friend, it will give you two options namely “Sent Invite” and “View Profile”. Most of the times when I selected a friend it will go straight to “Sent Invite” and before you know it you would have sent an invite. Sad to say lol, but I have 6 controllers and they all do it and it does not happen in other games.