[ps4] casualish leveling buddies

I had bl2 for 360… now I gotta Relevel and refarm. Lookin for people to talk to during the grind. I have a lot of free time this month but I also may go afk randomly (I have a 2 month old who lover her mommy time.

Power leveling wold be nice but im not sure how much time I’d have for it. So I’ll need buddies with patience or who know how to carry on without me.

Psn: Roarah

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Hey Roarah,

Feel free to add me on PSN (ID: GracieP666), i’m online quite often in BL2 and i’d be happy to keep you company and help out wherever I can.

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I can keep you company if you like lol… Not sure how much help I will be though as I’ve just gotten the game today (provided you still need some people to pay with).

PSN is same as name here, maybe we might catch a game or two