*PS4* Characters lost in transfer: plz help!

I’m hoping someone here might be able to help. I had a fully leveled Wilhelm and Athena on ps3 but then I uploaded all my save data to the cloud and traded in my ps3 for a ps4. Now I have no way to get my old characters, golden keys or gear back :sob:

Is there anyone willing to help boost me to the level cap so I can blow through the story mode (for the quadrillionth time lol) and get a semblance of my old game back? Thanks in advance

There most certainly is a PS4 section. It’s hidden in the Handsome Collection category.
I’ve moved your thread there. Happy looting!

Aw thanks! I feel silly now lol

Assuming your PSN ID hasn’t changed and you uploaded your save prior to trading in your PS3 for a PS4, there should be an in-game menu in THC to transfer your save back to your new PS4. The following might help: http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/borderlands-handsome-collection-transfer/

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I appreciate it, but unfortunately I traded in my ps3 before the cross-save update came out :-\