Ps4 cheating? And awesome people

Two things, 1 bad, 1 good.

Has anyone ever had cheaters on the ps4? Asking cause I and 4 randoms went up against a group that was fast. For instance, rath had the turret built in the middle of overwatch and near our entrance buy the time I as benidict came around the corner. And they all seemed slightly faster than normal. No one on my team could even hit there orindie. Very fustrating.

The good. The 4 randoms i played with were awesome people. We went up against this group that had 2 people disconect, and we surrendered cause it was not fair. Will give shoutouts to them when I am back on my Ps4. Played a few matches, won some, lost some.

Gearbox should implement a cheat report and a great player report I think.

Wait your saying he is cheating because he could have sprint gear as well as shard generator and build cost reduction. Did you take a screen shot of his gear? This is not something that is even remotely close to cheating, maybe if you had video proof?

0 cost shard, build, movement gear can be overwhelming if you have a team that’s organized from the get go
2 or 3 people can rush out, activate tons of stuff and be in the center waiting for you
It happens, just pay attention to what gear they’re using

Only thing I’ve seen on ps4, which I don’t know if this is a cheat or there is a exploit I don’t know abouy, is Echelon Incursion with waves of Minions coming waaaay too fast right out of the gate

When I see that and other team without shard, build, etc. I get suspicious

I was thinking of the gear loadout. Thats why I was asking if anyone else came across this. They could and probably are real good. But next time, if there is. i will look at the gear load out. This post was just heads up/ lookout if people are cheating on the ps4.

Thanks for the replys.

Sometimes you just run into players that are a bit out of your reach skill wise.
I know I run into a lot of good players and sort of gaze over to some of my “slower” teammates derping around and wonder what it must be like to see players like that from their perspective.