Ps4 Chrashes, Lose all saved Data

Game was running fine until the one mission where I have to go to a reform house at 9 p.m. (if I recall properly the mission). As soon as I was near the house the game was running really poorly and then crashed, corrupting all my data. Now I got to start all over and it might be fast if I speed run it, but I’m a collector and that was alot of work to me.

I know it’s impossible for me to get back my data. But I’m posting this as a warning, notification, and complaint. And am worried that if I DO manage to work my way back to the same spot, the game would crash again.

Could you please file a support ticket for the crash?


I also had this issue. Game has crashed and all saves corrupted. I created multiple save files out of habit and still not luck. It happened as I enetered the bunker and now I have lost 20 hours of game play. I will not be wasting my time playing any more of this game only to lose everything again.

Could you please file a bug report (url above) at least? It would be appreciated.

Yes I already filed a bug report. Then I deleted the game. Now I am trying to sell it online. You want to buy it?

I’ve had the same issue. I’ve had about 8 crashes throughout the entire time I’ve played. The last time it crashed it corrupted my save file. I think the issue is when the game tries loading everything in new areas. I dont think it could keep up with me sprinting because every 15 seconds the game would reload the city. I’ve put at least 20 hours in and I havent gotten to far. I’ve spent most of my time scavenging the environment for everything I could carry so I could sell it later for the muns. I’ve only recently made it to the part in the game where I meet miss faraday. I was on my way back to town and the game crashed. I didnt buy a hard copy of the game so that could also be why I’m constantly having to reload the map in maidenbourough or whatever. It’s a great game that I actually wanted to finish, but I dont think I want to deal with all the constant loading and crashes again… :frowning: I had so many records that I never got to listen to…

Oh and I also noticed that when sending stuff between inventory and stash can move items around so if you’re maxed out and trying to move a certain number of said item to the stash it can get kind of annoying.

This happened to me too and I’m pissed. I was really enjoying the game and considering pre-ordering the season pass. Now I feel like I threw $60 in the garbage for it.

If this happens to me I will flat out stop playing and warn others not to buy. This game was continually pushed back and then upon release its still got this many bugs? This is worse than when Ubisoft rolled out Unity waaaaaay too early. How can you justify charging people for something still so full of bugs and problems?

Please see the PS4-specific fixes in the update that just got released:

There are multiple fixes related to conditions that caused crashes and saves that were erroneously labelled as corrupted.

this patch doesnt fix crashing or corrupted save
have downloaded this patch
still crashes and it crashed and now wont load my save
sucks that a company that created one of the best games ever in borderlands released this basically
i have a game that is unplayable

Gearbox is the publisher; the developer is Compulsion Games (who recently got bought by Microsoft).

All I can suggest is filing a support ticket (or updating a previous one if you’d already done so):

I’m having the same issue, and the update resolved nothing. I submitted a service ticket, and was told they’re looking into the issue. At this point the game is virtually unplayable, I feel like I wasted $60. I just tried to play and it crashed 4 times before i finally had to select an older manual saved file to load and just restart on all the quests. Incredibly frustrating because I enjoy the game when I can play it.