PS4 Clan recruitment: Raiders Against Darkness wants YOU

We are an open clan that started primarily as a Destiny clan but now plays many games together on PS4 (usually shooters) not just Battleborn. We have about 30 active members and several group discussions on the GroupMe app (which is where the majority of our communications happens). If you are excited for Battleborn and want some people to play it with regularly or just want to try the beta with a few people but don’t want to join a clan then leave a reply on this thread and I’ll add you. Alternatively you could add me (if my PSN isn’t too much to handle) at s1lv3r4554551n, please include a description of why you added me or I might just ignore it.

People you can add to get in touch with us:
Silver - s1lv3r4554551n
Indigo - Indigo_Bird1
Husky/Sarah - Huskymania2
Rooney - Rooney717c

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Hello out there! While I don’t play Battleborn, I’m very active in other games: mostly destiny, rainbow six seige, rocket league, and smite. Feel free to add me: Rooney717c. One note, I will not tolerate playing now with people who like to trash and tear down other people in the group. You will get kicked from the party and off my friends list. Life is too short to be a jerk. Look forward to seeing you online

If you have any more questions about joining RAD then feel free to add me on PS4 ( Huskymania2 ) and I’ll answer any questions you have. Hope to see you all in game soon :]

Where is the most of your playerbase located, some live in Europe?

We have at least one person in the UK, but most of our playerbase in in the continental united states.

I play Destiny and I’ll be on Battleborn for the beta.

PSN - SgtCuBone

I sent you a friend request. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Add SayBacon on psn

Will do.

Hey there! I will be playing the battleborn beta.
I’d much prefer to be in a team, and am happy to be a healer/support.
PSN: sunnyxjacuzzi

See ya there!

Please feel free to use this thread as a general LFG thread. If I’m online then I’m almost certainly willing to party up but if you guys and gals want to form groups on your own outside of our circle that is more than welcome.

But what about PC?!

A few of us have gaming PCs and occasionally play games there but we are primarily a PS4 clan. Feel free to LFG for PC players here.

Newer player from California here. Just got into the beta. Loving it so far. I am loving miko but as a damage dealer(sounds weird but miko is a strong pusher). Looking to find people to play with and learn more about this game. Also wanting to learn other characters as well!

PSN: dchsknight

I’ll add you as soon as I remember tomorrow. I know I could definitely use more Miko heals.

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Awesome! I look forward to it.

I have to tell you though, In story mode I am definitely on board with support and heals. In PVP like incursion though don’t expect me to heal. I play miko in PVP as a very aggressive pusher. And i love it! Now It sure if it is big in this game but it was big for me, I ended a game with a score of 60 and 37/4/11. My team did loose because they could not pull it together.

They would not get thralls and they would not push lanes. They more interested in team fighting instead of getting to the sentries with minions.

Yeah, I shouldn’t tell you how to play Miko, especially because I only have one game played with him, but I can guarantee that Miko is more valuable to the team as a healer than as a killer. I know a few Miko players who can make a world of difference for the team if they focus on keeping the crowd control players and the killers healthy. If you want to play as an attacker you should pick someone like Oscar Mike, Marquis, Montana or Whiskey Foxtrot. If you like being a versatile healing support/attacker then I highly recommend Ambra. She has better damage output and survivability than Miko and you can let someone else with healing gear play Miko. A team with a healing Miko is very hard to fend off, which is one of the reasons I like Deande so much. I can stealth past a team and disrupt or kill off a Miko cutting off the majority of the enemy team’s healing and because of my damage focused build with her healing Mikos are extra appreciated.

I very much disagree with you.

In fact there is a whole bit of evidence that you would be wrong…

Here is a written guide about how to be a damage Miko…

And a video about it.

So to say that Miko is only valuable as a healer, is really just ignorant. Miko can do both roles and she is valuable in both roles.

You say that Miko is most valuable as a healer and that a team with a Miko healing is hard to stop? I say Miko as a rolling damage boulder rolling down the lane is unstoppable. So if you think Miko is just a healer, I am not about that noise.

I didn’t say he was just a healer. I’m fully aware of the damage he can do. I’m saying that of all the healers in this game, Miko is the best, and by using Miko that way, to heal teammates allowing them to use damage and shield pen. gear instead of healing gear and wasting time teleporting back to base can be more valuable to sustain a lane push than having an extra damage source. I didn’t say Miko is useless as a damage dealer, he needs it to defend himself, and yes, on occasion to push, hard. Not only that but the notion that you have to choose one role over the other is silly. You can do both quite handily if you are good. I look forward to seeing what you can bring.

What’s the average age of players you have?