[PS4] Claptastic Voyage end of line quest bugged

I’m at the end of line quest. First run thru I defeated despair but self-loathing bugged out and disappeared off the map. I was forced to save-quit. I come back to the quest and the passage is blocked by the red door. I can’t get thru to complete the DLC. Talking to claptrap’s consciousness doesn’t do anything. This is completely game breaking as I can’t finish the story line because of this bug.

I figured it out and I got to the final boss. I’ll make it short. I think this will be my last gearbox purchase for awhile.

Your games match this forum design. Frustrating, counter intuitive, and why the hell is there another screen to the right of me repeating the exact same thing I’m typing? I’d rather have a whole screen to edit on and then click preview to see it. Not this mess which can describe the final boss of your DLC craptastic voyage.