PS4 Co-op players needed!

I’m looking for people to play with on ps4. Preferably some people in the GMT zone. I want to start a fresh playthrough or start acquiring some OP levels. Add Bains_159

I’m in GMT and can give you a hand with the overpowering. Will fire a request your way. / Zerkus

Yo add me PSN idlephantom I’m on gmt

Hi there!

I´m also on GMT, gladly helping with op-lvls!

About to start my Borderlands 2 playthrough.

we can try it but i’m Pacific Standard time. i do play early morning tho, and play with some guys in the UK. it’s naturally easier on weekends.

i think you already sent FR.

i’m more inclined to run op. i have a few chars in the 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s, but a complete set are op8.

Now you lack but @dogstar13, @Orange_Teacher and @Sun_Tsunami responding - and you’ll have a veritable smorgasbord of skill sets panting down your neck to help … :dukestar:

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Gladly join you for a new character! I will add you, or add me on

PSN ID : BeefsteakFungus

LOL!!! I’ll send a friend request. I’m in EST and will join anyone who wants to play.

Thanks @GUNZERKUS for not forgetting me :slight_smile:

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LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! :sunglasses:

Just statred playing need people to play with.
PSN: dxg_jr-ghost

I’m on gmt. My PSN is davthom I only have a lv 22 assassin atm as I was playing on xb1 previously

Oh go on then, but I’m only doing this cos I really like the word “smorgasbord” lol!



I’m a level 72 (op 8) kreig… I usually play in the evenings :slight_smile: my psn is fordgirl27