PS4 Community seems to be pretty much dead?

It is with a sad heart that I think I’ll be done with Battleborn in any sense besides casually checking out the new DLC. Which will come out some day I suppose. I’ve really enjoyed this game a bunch, I’ve hit level 100 and mastered 3 characters and gotten several others over level 10, but the community is just too dead.

In the past few days I’ve consistently been matched with the same 5 man team at least 3 times in a row while with one friend or possibly just solo. It has just become not fun to play anymore in any sort of competitive nature unless with a whole team which has become incredibly more challenging to find as others like myself have begun to feel the same way.

I’d love to get feedback from other PS4 players to show me I’m wrong in someway but with the way PCs community has gone I have a hard time believing that PS4 isn’t too far behind.

I play the ps4 version daily. The community is dead at night I play against the same people as well. During the day though there’s a difference, still a skill gap though.

The community is dying on the ps4 though. I belong to a lot and they are pretty negative or just dont join games. I really enjoy the game especially since it has split screen but if this dlc wont come out soon ill be leaving for other mobas and what not. You can always add me and ill game. Psn: flynnpancake.


This is part of the problem, when things look bad in this game the “I’m leaving” posts roll in. There is no solution in quitting, the point of these kinds of forums is to keep the community together so let’s do that, make friends and play together, organise dates and times to party up or queue for Meltdown, play private matches with 8-10 players or just group up for some PvE. These posts do not help this game, there is no resolution in this outcome. At least try to band together with your fellow community members before you simply up and leave, a lot of us did and have consistent playing groups because of it. It’s a lot easier to find matches in a group.


I think that is fair, but just in general that seems to be a lot of effort and planning simply to play a multiplayer moba shooter. I love the game and have been playing since the official release, I would just like to be able to play casually without having a sub par experience.

But with that said I will take your advice to make an effort to find a group. I do agree that it isn’t productive to just leave, but I’d rather not taint my so far positive feelings about the game with frustration in its current state.

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And like I said, mostly looking for feedback from other players to prove me wrong like you have done. It just becomes disheartening at times.

Also many of the people who I have been playing with in the past seem to have been leaving as well.

Yeah, I get that. I get frustrated every night but keep coming back for more lol. The way I see it, if we Aussies can play with consistent red bars then nobody else who plays this game has any excuse to vote for surrender, rage quit, or leave the community and stop playing :stuck_out_tongue:


I played last night and had wait times of only about 5 minutes (PS4, Australia). The wait seems to get shorter as the night goes on - perhaps Asia is playing more at that time? (I do see a lot of PSN names with Korea/Japan in their title).

It’s a pity I have to go to bed by midnight as that seems to be the best time to play in Aus (Damn you, job!)

I have trouble finding players to do story missions though - most of the time it’s just teams of three, with two of those being me and my daughter in splitscreen. That’s much earlier in the evening though, obviously…

I play with a consistent group of Aussies, feel free to add me and join our network :slight_smile:

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Consistent in terms of presence, not performance :stuck_out_tongue:

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I might just fit in then. I play as WF. True story.


Yeah my guys suck, I carry them every game :wink: Add us though, we always enjoy playing with more Aussies.

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Sounds like the good old days where we would gather friends in person to play games like Mario kart and Smash.

Well I guess it was easier back in those days because you just needed the game and extra controllers but only one system to play with 4 players.

Anyway. I don’t understand how OP thinks the community on ps4 is dying. Ps4 has the strongest community I believe.

I don’t play as often as I used to but I play at random times and never have trouble matching.

I do agree that these types of posts are deconstructive.

@Orgalorgorg I play with randoms and although not every matchup is perfect, I have many close games with wins and losses that i myself enjoy. I suggest friending players from your team matchups that you think would be good or fun to play with. Never know. You may pick up a full team and start to enjoy it more competitively.

Good luck.

I created a new PS4 community to replace the awesome I was a part of that somehow disappeared.

It’s brand new and getting more players added. Please feel free to join. It’s called “NEW Battleborn USA” The old group was 300+ strong with active games everyday. Lots of folks I know still play and we’re keeping in contact with one another, so please come join us and make some new Battleborn friends!

EDIT: @Orgalorgorg, add me on PSN (iStRaD = PSNID) and I’ll get you in the group if you can’t find it.

I have a forum up if you’d like to post your PSN there. I encourage everyone in this topic to go to that Forum and just drop your PSN so that way not just myself, but many others, can have other people to play with. PSN is Sarkhon.

You play with your Daughter that so cool !
Me and my friend do couch coop too and
are into the same situation you just described.
Look us up (we are 2 hours earlier in Canada)