PS4 competitive league games - Season 1

hey all, this week is the debut of the PS4 battleborn competitive league! we have 11 teams including japanese and european players competing over the next 11 weeks in both incursion and meltdown modes.

here is our schedule for this week’s games:

Target Banned vs DPS Mikos 6/17 @ 3PM EST league twitch stream

Insomniacs vs Handsome Thralls 6/17 @ 3PM EST

Phist Phorce vs Taunters Anonymous Friday 6/17 (tonight)@ 12AM EST league twitch stream

Learn to Play vs Blitzkrieg 6/18 1PM EST

Teleleleportalators vs The Shady Bunch TBA

bye week (za and the ripperonis)

you can find full details, scheduling, stats, and much more on our official website:


So very much wish my in laws were not stopping by tomorrow…

Go insomniacs…


I :heart: the team names a lot more than the idea of versus competition … but, hey, chacun à son goût :dukegum:


Are these being archived anywhere? Would love to just chill and watch the matches

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Here we go, initially our caster forgot to mark the archive option on the streams, so we’re missing a couple matches :frowning: we’ve got it sorted out now… our next match will be 6/17 sunday at 1PM EST.

Todays game has been moves to 3pm Et
and will be broadcast on

learn to play vs. blitzkrieg

enjoy the games!

How the hell is there a “Handsome” team without me?! DAMN it… I wanna 10-man SO much…

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Hey all, we have a game today Fri 6/23 at 330PM EST with DPS Mikos vs Teleleportalators. we have captains Hellyeah squaring off against Odiferous hermit from Lost Heroes!

Bohan716 will be casting the match via twitch

Here are the rosters for season 1.

Week 2 (6/19~6/25) schedule
Ripperonis vs Taunters Anonymous 6/25 @ 5PM EST
Handsome Thralls vs Phist Phorce TBA
Blitzkrieg vs Insomniacs TBA
DPS Mikos vs Teleleportalators 6/23 @ 330PM EST twitch
bye week - Target banned, Learn to Play

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Week 3 (6/26-7/2) schedule
Phist Phorce vs Za and the Ripperonis 6/29 9PM PST twitch link
Teleleportalators vs Za and the Ripperonis TBA
Handsome Thralls vs Blitzkrieg TBA
Learn to Play vs Target Banned TBA
Taunters Anonymous vs DPS Mikos TBA

Zas team plays twice?

they are making up their game from week 1.

I don’t know if any of the teams run two or more of the magnus characters, but i submit “The Magnus Pack” for your approval…


TODAY! Sunday 7/2 we have

taunters anon v dps mikos

hosted by bohan716 on twitch

What time?

3pm ET


How does one sign up for next season? Do you need a team? Can one be picked up? Thank you! :slight_smile:


I would like to know this as well, and if it is at all possible to hold matches at times other than the middle of the weekend. I want in on this sh*t so much, but i work 12-hour weekends… :sob:

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Target Banned vs Learn to play going on 7/2 5PM EST twitch

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We’ll announce season 2 details as soon as they are available :slight_smile: