(PS4) Connection concerns

After paying around on the beta both by myself and couch co-op with my husband, doing local versus, online versus, story mode, and just doing inventory we’ve noticed one very big annoyance. Server timeout. It’s very very annoying to be in the middle of inventory management and get the server timeout error. Same goes for finishing a match and getting it without seeing your results and wondering if you even got credit for the last hour worth of work (so far we have gotten credit when this happens). The load times are bad enough without having to reload when your connection is cut off it gets really frustrating when this happens repeatedly.
On the other hand we thankfully have never had issues in the middle of a map (knock on wood) and otherwise are enjoying the beta.

Moved to the bug report section. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks, didn’t see that section before I posted.

No problem, enjoy the forum!