PS4 connection failed error

Trying to play with a friend; he shows up on PSN, and on my list in game, but when he replies to an invite he gets “connection failed” though he is online. I don’t show up on his list in game at all.

UPDATE: After he did some port forwarding and reset his router to factory settings we got online and had a flawless few hours co-op. BUT - when he closed down for a couple of hours and booted back up, the problem was back!

LATEST (Sun 5 April) in his words:

This is more of a workaround than a fix.
The steps. Shambolic though they are.

Tried reinstalling the game and rebuilding database. No success.
Tried Power Cycling my modem and router. Turn off both. Boot up modem then router when modem fully booted. No success.
Whilst in game at main menu went to Network in Ps4 settings and ran Setup Internet Connection. SUCCESS.
Would have to repeat Setup Internet Connection each time I restarted the Game after shutting down the Ps4. But might have to run the Setup few times before it would connect. Sometimes it would work at Main Menu sometimes in a Map in game.
Game would go back Offline when saving and quitting to Main Menu.

This morning. Nothing was happening again.
Rebuilt database. No Success.
Power Cycled modem and router. No success.
Repeatedly ran Ps4 Setup Internet Connection, at Main Menu and in Game, until SUCCESS it connected again.

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Any luck with a fix for this? Having the same issue on ps4. can’t connect to ANYONE

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Still nothing. If you check the thread ‘I cant play with my friend!’ you’ll see others in the same situation. One wrote:

I have the same issues here in Canada, I can rarely get online mode working, I have a ticket submitted and haven’t heard anything for 8 days (frowning)

So as far as I know, still no response of any kind from Gearbox. And that makes four people reporting the same thing via the forums. There may be more I haven’t seen, and I’ve no doubt there are many who have not reported it here.

Feel free to add me on PSN and we can keep in touch on any fixes: GumboGong

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Hi mate I’ve found a fix that worked for me, but you might not gonna like it (depending on your Internet connection speed). I believe it was maybe due to a bad install. I deleted the game and reinstalled it (had to redownload the updates too). Once this completed (wait for updates to install too!), I put the ps4 into safe mode and rebuilt the database (takes 5 minutes), this is basically a defrag of your hdd and you should do it every now and then anyway to keep your system running smoothly. I then started up the game and boom! my characters were all there and I could connect no problem. This method is fine if you own the disc, but if you own the digital copy it could take ages to download the game again.
Hopefully this is a permanent fix, but I will update if I find out it’s only temporary. Best of luck guys.

Ps added you last night mate, just awaiting you to accept.

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My friend did do a clean install, but he didn’t mention rebuilding the db or safe mode. but I’ve emailed this to him and will see what happens. Fingers x’d. You’re gix?

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Yeh man, that’s me. What I did was completely reinstall and wait for updates etc. Then rebuilt the database BEFORE starting the application (don’t know if this matters, but that’s what I did haha). While database was being rebuilt i also unplugged the router from the wall for like ten minutes so it was nice and cold and then voila, all was working. In addition to usual ports needing opened, apparently the game needs an additional one (7777 I think- but don’t quote me, check this on the forums). Do this before turning off router so it’s all fresh and has the best chance of working. Best of luck

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