PS4 Connectivity issues

(Blnewman3) #1

Can’t start on online game. Just keep getting booted back to offline. In the rare situation where I can see my friend, I can’t connect with them. Internet is fine. Other games work fine. Getting “connection failed” errors. Can’t join game. Other player can’t join mine. You’d sort of expect a three year old game to have things like this worked out.

Borderlands ps4 servers always disconnecting
(Pitabread19) #2

Since yesterday i have not been able to get into any co op games with my friends, i am always being put offline.
No its not my internet its a strong connection at 150 mbs and my psn is active. All other games are working. Any ideas?

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Merging duplicate threads.

I suggest you both file a support ticket:

Sounds like it may be a temporary server issue, as all the PS4 players I know seem to have been having no issues up to yesterday.

(Blnewman3) #4

This is pretty ridiculous considering the age of the game, you’d think it would… I dunno… work.

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It does… work. I’m not aware of anyone playing co-op on PS4 who was having the same issues before the two of you posted today. So, new issue, apparently. As I said, please file a support ticket so the tech staff can try and narrow down the source of the problem.

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I think Fortnite Season 5 launch and crashed the servers. I can’t find any other explanation

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Fortnite has nothing to do with gearbox or 2k

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You might want to check reddit then, because they’re talking about it there too. So, it’s not an isolated issue. I’ve filed a support ticket already. This has been an issue for days. I guess I’ll go play Overwatch and sit my drink on my Battleborn disc coaster while I wait for this to blow over.

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And the borderlands communities lots of people are having this problem . and 2 days for server issues is excessive…

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I had sporadic issues with PSN. It has nothing to do with Borderlands. Fortnite could be a thing or it could be
2 gazzilions other things. Don’t expect transparency from Sony. Or any other gaming/online company for that matter. Or any company at all…


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Except, and say it with me now, “Other online games are working and sony is reporting no network issues.”

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Sony is never reporting network issues. Ever.
I had issues connecting to my friend list for the last two days or so.

If you looked at the link I provided you’ll see there’s been thousands of reports. Across pretty much every online games.

(Pitabread19) #13

Still sony has nothing to do with game servers that arent sony exclusives. Developers have their own servers for the games they make. I have been playing everything just fine except borderlands.

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And game servers have nothing to do with friend list.

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Who said anything about a friends list

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The Dr is right though, i did some looking and sony is having psn problems. Nothing to do with gearbox

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Gearbox is peer-to-peer for co-op play, through the PSN in the case of PS4/PS3. There are no “Borderlands” servers as such. The only thing that might be a problem on Gearbox’s side is the SHiFT login, but you can play on-line fine without it as long as the platform network (again, PSN in your case) is ok.